Conserve Fuel

Idle Reduction Technology

  • 10 Seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting your engine. 
  • Park your car instead of going through the drive-thru
  • Idling your car with the A/C on can increase emission by 13%
  • Today's starters can handle more stopping and starting than older models. Its actually harder on your engine to idle it than it is to turn it off and restart it.

Idle reduction usually describes technologies and practices that reduce the amount of time heavy duty trucks idle their engines. Some lighter vehicles and also school buses could benefit as well.

About 500,000 long-haul trucks cross U.S. highways each day. Truckers are required to take a 10-hour rest after 11 hours of driving. As the trucks idle their engines during rest periods they use approximately 838 million gallons of fuel per year.

There are a variety of technologies used to reduce this fuel use. Certain onboard equipment can be used anywhere. When a truck is at a station with the proper infrastructure truck stop electrification enables trucks to plug into the station for power and other amenities that are otherwise provided by onboard fuel.

Commute Trip Reduction

Commute Trip Reduction Programs have a number of benefits for employees, employers and the surrounding community. A few examples of these types of reduction are: carpooling, van-pooling, public transportation, bicycling, walking, flexible hour programs and telecommuting. Check out some helpful techniques for drivers to conserve fuel.