Emission Reduction

Emission Reduction Projects

Article on the Port Allen facility at Cash’s Truck Plaza

Document on IdleAir's Solution to Long-Haul Truck Idling 

For more information visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center’s website

Clean Air for Kids: Kenilworth Science & Technology Charter School | Anti-Idling & EPA School Flag Program & Ozone Education

In conjunction with the Capital Region Planning Commission's air quality flag program, LCF is developing an Idle Box, idle reduction outreach campaign starting with Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School in Baton Rouge.

  • Bus drivers, teachers, and parents received a pledge form to reduce their idling by a minimum of 5 minutes per day. 
  • Students and teachers learned about idling via IdleBox resources. 

LCF & CRPC have also implemented the Environmental Protection Agency's ozone school flag program at Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School to educate students about ozone and it's effects. 

  • Kenilworth Charter school received flags in various colors to represent ozone quality. 
  • Each day, the students check the ozone quality for the day and raise the appropriate flag color. 
  • According to the ozone quality of the day, the teachers and students plan whether to take activities outside or remain indoors to keep the students from breathing in harsh ozone.