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Fleets and Fuels: BAE-Cummins New Start-Stop Feature for Hybrids

BAE Systems and Cummins are presenting their new start-stop feature for 40-foot transit buses that include the Cummins ISB6.7 diesel engine and BAE’s HybriDrive brand Series-E drivetrain.  This new optional feature has proved to reduce idle time by 30% to 40%, and also paring fuel use from 5% to 8%.  This technology is said to be the first for North America.     

The new start-stop system is available on vehicles by NovaBus, Gillig, and New Flyer with Cummins ISB6.7 engines and the HybriDrive Series-E brand driveline from BAE Systems

“We’re increasing the electrification of the vehicle,” says BAE’s Tom Webb, business development director for HybriDrive. The vehicle’s 11.6-kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery pack remains the same, but the buses are fitted with an auxiliary power system for maintaining hotel loads when the engine is turned off, with new software for communication with the Cummins engine.

The start-stop option includes “depot mode” so that buses could be moved around inside of transit facilities with zero emissions, hence the APS powers the bus’s electric power steering as well.

“Fuel economy and passenger experience benefits are unique in the industry,” BAE HybriDrive VP and general manager Steve Trichka says in the BAE-Cummins announcement. “We can now provide even more value to our North American hybrid customers,” he said. 

“We are seeing significant fuel economy benefits with the two pilot buses programmed with the new stop/start function,” Dave Kilmer, executive director of Red Rose Transit and the Berks Area Regional Transit Authority in Pennsylvania said. “In addition, our customers and drivers have told us these hybrid buses with stop/start are much quieter.”

Metro Minneapolis in Minnesota has also tested the system and it “is slated for delivery to other customers later this year.”

Source: Fleets and Fuels