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Volvo Introduces the Volvo 7900: A New Hybrid Electric Transit Bus

The new, full-size hybrid-electric bus has proved to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 75% when compared to a standard diesel bus.

The bus will be available in Europe at first, where a number of public transit fleets have already signed into acquiring buses. In Sweden, three buses were deployed to confirm emission and energy reduction percentages.

The technology in the bus allows common “electric vehicle downsides” to be proved wrong.  The time needed to take the bus to be fully charged is approximately six minutes.  The electric aspect of the bus also allows for 70% of the buses’ average route to be run by electricity.

Fleets in European countries are receiving the buses in 2014 and 2015.  Serial Production is to begin in 2016.

Article by NGT News on Tuesday August 26, 2014

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