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NGV Series Webinar - Technology and Best Practices

Please join us Thursday November 20th at 2:00PM Central time, for the second installment of NGV’s webinar series titled, “Technology, Best Strategies and Lessons Learned.” 

This Clean Cities webinar will not only discuss the success of past technologies but will elaborate on the different pathways available for the United States to expand the use of NGV, natural gas vehicles, in the future. Dr. Jeffrey Seisler, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Clean Fuels Consulting and first Executive Director of the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ENGVA), will be presenting on:

  • Experiences and lessons learned from Europe and other countries expanding their NGV use
  • Challenges and harmonization opportunities of gas composition
  • Advances in engine technology
  • CNG, compressed natural gas, cylinder incidents, safety and lessons learned
  • What NGV station suppliers and customers do to reduce costs and increase reliability


This webinar is open to everyone and no pre-registration is required.

The log-in details are as follows:

Participant passcode: 2434703

Conference number: PW9081294

Audience passcode: 2434703

Participants can join the event directly at: