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First Natural Gas GM Pickups with 5.3L Engines

Nat G CNG Solutions and AGA Systems create DuraDrive DI, a natural gas system created for half-ton pickup trucks.

Nat G CNG Solutions and AGA Systems, based out of Texas and Utah respectively, are pioneers in the use of natural gas in heavy duty pickup trucks. The companies created a system known as DuraDrive DI that can take the standard fueling system found in a GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado and convert it into using natural gas or gasoline.

These 2015 models have already been purchased by two companies, NewTex Plumbing and Pioneer Energy Solutions, and over 50 pre-orders have been made by others. These new trucks have already started to save the companies money due to their fuel efficiency. When tested by the EPA the DuraDrive DI set the record for efficiency for eight-cylinder natural gas trucks by reaching 23 miles per gallon on the highway.

The DuraDrive System does not only work for the 5.3 liter engines, but also in the 6.2 liter direct injection engines, which are found in several other large pickup trucks.

If interested in seeing one of these new natural gas pickup trucks, a 5.3 liter GMC Sierra will be on displace at the Natural Gas Summit in Austin, Texas.

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