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FREE Webinar on the Existing and Potential Alt Fuel Markets

Join us for a FREE Webinar on the Geography of Existing and Potential Alternative Fuel Markets in the United States

When:  Feb. 18, 2015 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Central Time | 

Presented by Mr. Caley Johnson (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

The Clean Cities organization is structured around the principle that petroleum reduction strategies differ between cities and regions. This is because in any given location, some fuels may be better than others in terms of economic viability, ease of deployment, and environmental benefits.

This webinar will explain an NREL project that mapped indicators of existing and potential fuel supply and demand to provide insight into the regional applicability of various alternative transportation fuels. The process by which the fuel markets were mapped reveals the relative prioritization of market indicators, enabling coalitions in a particular geographic area to pursue the most appropriate or promising fuel. This prioritization scheme also highlights the market components most in need of improvement for those hoping to prime a specific market in a given area.

This FREE webinar is open to the general public, and no pre-registration is required.

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Conference number: PW1383510

Audience passcode: 4990436


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