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Weights and Measures to vote on Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE) as standard measure for CNG & LNG

Weights and Measures to vote on DGEs

Next week the National Conference on Weights and Measures will vote on whether to establish a Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE) standard or a Kilogram standard for selling CNG and LNG in the U.S. If a kilogram standard is voted for, it will cause widespread disruption and chaos in the NGV marketplace.

This is your last chance to weigh in. NGV America is urging those in the industsry to take five minutes to write to their local weights and measure's official. Click here to obtain the email address for your state's weights and measures official, copy the below into an email and send it help make sure that a DGE standard is adopted and not a kilogram standard.

Cut and Paste the below:
Dear Weights and Measures Director,
Next week the National Conference on Weights and Measures will consider a proposal to establish a standard for how compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are sold as transportation fuels in the U.S. I think is it imperative that NCWM adopt a standard for CNG and LNG to be sold in Diesel Gallon Equivalents (DGE) and not kilograms.
Adopting a national DGE standard will ensure that the market for using natural gas as a transportation fuel continues to grow and advances using alternative fuels to lower fuel costs for businesses and consumers, reduce emissions, and reduce the nation’s dependence on imported oil.
Again, I think it is imperative that a DGE standard be adopted.

I don't know anyone who has fueled their vehicle in a U.S. state in kilograms. Everyone fuels in gallons. This is simply common sense.
Your name, title, phone number and email address

Source:  This announcement was obtained via NGVAmerica

For more information on this decision, please read these documents for reference:

NCWM to Vote on Diesel Gallon Equivalent Standard

National Conference of Weights & Measures Association DGE and GGE Proposals for Sale of Natural Gas as a Motor Fuel; Publication 16 – Items 237-2 and 337-2