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    Press Release: Louisiana Clean Fuels Welcomes Two New Board Members

    Dinero’ Washington and Kent Meadows join the Louisiana Clean Fuels 2019 Board of Directors


    Ann Vail, Executive Director
    Louisiana Clean Fuels
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    BATON ROUGE, LA - Louisiana Clean Fuels (LCF), the states largest Clean Cities Coalition, serving 56 parishes in Louisiana, announced today the addition of two new board members:  Dinero Washington of Sportran and Kent Meadowns of NGV Solutions. Per LCF bylaws, 2 of the 11 seats were open for election due to two long-time board members retiring from the LCF board. Mr. Washington and Mr. Meadows have filled the seats previously held by Paula Ridgeway (formerly of LDNR) and Curstis Donaldson of Agility Fuel Systems. LCF is pleased to welcome Mr. Washington and Mr. Meadows to the board.

      Mr. Washington is a native of Shreveport and serves as the president/chief executive officer for Shreveport Transit Management (SporTran) and Metro Management Inc. SporTran serves as the public transit system for the Shreveport and Bossier urbanized area. Washington earned two degrees from Northwestern State University and later earned his MBA from Stayer University. He believes in the power of hard work, and under his leadership, SporTran has designed, built, and opened the doors to three new transit passenger terminals and introduced the first new bus routing and scheduling network in the Shreveport-Bossier area in more than 25 years. The new bus routing and scheduling network introduced by Washington and his team his increased monthly ridership by more than 40,000. He also recently lead the efforts to introduce the first all battery electric buses and bus electric charging stations in Louisiana. He currently serves as president for Louisiana Public Transportation Association and a board member for South West Transit Association. Washington has received numerous awards during his tenure at SporTran. A few of the awards he holds closely are South West Transit Association President’s Award for his outstanding service to the public transit industry, the Urban Transit System of the year award from Route Match, 2018 Shreveport Chamber of Commerce Top Business Professional, and Shreveport-Bossier Top 40 under 40.
      Mr. Meadows is a frequent speaker at LCF Events and First Responder Safety Classes and is a Bronze Member of LCF. As Vice-President of NGV Solutions in 2011, Meadows established a Mississippi-based company to provide private companies, municipalities, counties/parishes, and other government agencies with turn-key solutions for their Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) needs. From small time-fill compression to Fast-fill public stations along with CNG conversions on vehicles, Meadows’ consulting, problem solving, and specialized solutions allow him to design options to meet each client’s needs. NGV Solutions supports and maintains compressors stations across the Southeast. Currently, NGV Solutions maintains four private CNG stations for clients in Louisiana. In addition to NGV Solutions, Meadows has worked with alliances to promote alternative fuel legislation. He has served on Boards of private schools, civic organizations, churches, and ministry-based charities. Prior to NGV Solutions, Meadows' background includes Automotive Dealership operations, Project Management, and business consulting.


    Consisting of 11 members, the Board of Directors serves in an advisory and oversight capacity in order to support the organization's goals and mission. The board, which meets on a quarterly basis, is comprised of representatives from government agencies, national, regional and local fleets as well as various stakeholder organizations. For a complete list of board members, visit the Louisiana Clean Fuels Board of Directions 2019 page.


    LCF is a US Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalition, supported by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and member organizations. The mission of Louisiana Clean Fuels, Inc. is to advance the nation’s environmental, economic and energy security by supporting local actions to diversify transportation fuel options. As a member of the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program, LCF strives to achieve its goals by employing a variety of strategies which include: promoting and implementing the use of alternative fuel vehicles, fuel blends, increased fuel economy, hybrid vehicles, and idle reduction technologies.