Get recognition for your 2019 fuel saving projects and alternative fuel usage. Participate in our Annual Report


    We are reaching out to fleets like yours in our territory who use alternative fuels, operate an alternative fuels station, or who have worked toward the implementation of fuel-saving measures throughout the year.

    In 2019, did you...

    • Purchase or operate Propane, CNG, LNG, Electric or PHEV vehicles?
    • Use Bio diesel, RNG or other renewable alternative fuel in your vehicles?
    • Start or continue an idle reduction program?
    • Added aerodynamics to your vehicles?
    • Shortened your routes to save fuel,
    • Replaced an older vehicle with a smaller or more fuel efficient vehicle?

    This Report will help us compile data on how our stakeholders used alternative fuels and reduced emissions in 2019.

    Three ways to participate:

    1. The Survey: START SURVEY

    We have shortened and simplified the survey for stakeholders to fill out regarding your usage and implementation of alternative fuels in 2019. This survey asks for information about the amount and type of alternative fuels you have used, how many and what type of alternative fuel vehicles you own, and any alternative fuels or emissions-reducing projects you were involved with throughout 2018. START SURVEY

    2. Email or over the phone:

    If you have a small fleet or not much has changed since 2018, we can verify your information based on last years data over the phone. Schedule a time for a call with Ann or Tyler.

    3. Spreadsheet:  

    If you are detail oriented and have a lot to share with us, you can fill in our annual report spreadsheet. Let us know and we will send you the document.

    Deadline to submit your data:  March 1, 2020

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    Annual Clean Fuel Leader Awards

    Want to be recognized for work to reduce your fuel consumption and lower operating costs and emissions through alternative fuels? The only way to enter is by participating in our Annual Report! The 2020 Annual Clean Fuel Leader awards will be held in the fall of 2020 at a location and date TBD. To ensure that you don't miss any events or critical updates from LCF, please make sure you have subscribed to our monthly Newsletter. View photos of the 2019 awardees from our Clean Fuel Leader Awards on October 9th at Manning's in New Orleans (View photos online).


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