Clean Cities Coalitions Celebrates 25 Years

    The national network of Clean Cities coalitions is celebrating 25 years of success in shaping the transportation system of the future. Nearly 100 coalitions nationwide forge local partnerships among public and private sector stakeholders to bolster our nation’s energy and economic security by championing affordable, domestic transportation fuels and technologies. The U.S. Department of Energy designated the first Clean Cities coalition in 1993, and Louisiana Clean Fuels has been a key contributor in Louisiana since its designation in 2000.

    Through a combination of projects focused on increasing vehicle efficiency, shifting to domestic energy sources, and offering consumers additional transportation choices, Clean Cities coalitions have achieved a cumulativeimpact in energy use equal to nearly 8 million gasoline gallon equivalents and avoided more than 42 million tons of emissions. Louisiana Clean Fuels and its stakeholders have led the charge in Louisiana, resulting in an energy impact of 8 million gasoline gallon equivalents in 2017 alone.

    In the past year, LCF has expanded our services to include electric vehicle suitability analysis and a Green Fleet Certification program. We have also embarked on a DC Fast Charging Master Plan for our interstate corridors. Additionally, as a result of recognition of our programs, such as supporting the state's Volkswagen Mitigation plan and our work to support the St. Landry Parish Solid Waste's RNG facility, LCF Coordinator Ann Vail was inducted into the Clean Cities Hall of Fame.

    "Louisiana Clean Fuels have been a critical partner to PERC as they’re partnerships have allowed us to reach audiences that we would not be able to," Stuart Flatow, VP, Safety and Training for the Propane Education and Research Council said. "This includes training propane professionals and first responders on how to safely respond to propane incidents, as well as to provide autogas technician training to service technicians which helps to grow the propane autogas market.”

    Check out the following infographic to see how Clean Cities coalitions all over the US have helped to ensure our nation’s energy and economic security.

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