Annual Reporting for Alternative Fuels Begins

    LCF seeks information from alternative fuels stakeholders for Clean Cities’ Annual Metrics Report.

    Louisiana Clean Fuels is once again collecting information from alternative fuels stakeholders for our Annual Report. We are reaching out to fleets who use alternative fuels, operate an alternative fuels station, or who have worked toward the implementation of fuel-saving measures throughout the year. This Report will help us compile data on how our stakeholders used alternative fuels and reduced emissions in 2018.

    This year, we have shortened and simplified the survey for stakeholders to fill out regarding their usage and implementation of alternative fuels in 2018. This survey asks companies for information about the amount and type of alternative fuels they have used, how many and what type of alternative fuel vehicles they own, and any alternative fuels or emissions-reducing projects they were involved with throughout 2018.

    The data we collect is used as a benchmark to gain an accurate picture of alternative fuel and vehicle usage in Louisiana, which will help both LCF and the Department of Energy understand the alternative fuels market. This Annual Report helps to show our progress and the progress of stakeholders in Louisiana in shifting to domestic energy sources, eliminating harmful emissions, and improving fuel efficiency. All information provided in the survey will be anonymous and aggregated to show the overall usage of alternative fuels from all participants. Collected data for the Annual Report will also be used in considering recipients for the 2019 Annual Clean Fuel Leader Awards.

    To begin the survey, you can find the Annual Report survey here. If you have questions about the Annual Report or the survey, please contact Tyler Herrmann at [email protected]. All survey responses are due by February 28th, 2019.

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