Clean Fuel Leader Awards Announced at LCF's 15h Anniversary Gala

    LCF 2015 Clean Fuel Leaders Award Winners Announced

    Louisiana Clean Fuels celebrated 15 years a Clean Cities Coalition with the 15th Anniversary Gala and Clean Fuel Leader Awards at the Baton Rouge River Center on Thursday night. Lacey Sanchez, the 2014 reigning Miss Louisiana kicked off the night with the national anthem followed by Mayor “Kip” Holden who proclaimed May 21st as Alternative Fuels Day. The mayor, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and other Louisiana Clean Fuels founding members were honored for their service and dedication to advancing clean fuels in Louisiana. The Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, Mike Strain, presented the Clean Fuel Leader Awards to five clean fuel leaders.

    And the winners are….

    1. 2015 Municipality of the Year: City of Shreveport | Transit and Refuse Fleet
    2. 2015 Clean Fuel Champion: United Parcel Service (UPS)
    3. 2015 Fleet of the Year:  Republic Services | CNG Refuse Fleet
    4. 2015 Runner Up: Ivan Smith Furniture| CNG Delivery Fleet
    5. 2015 Innovative Project of the Year: IdleAir for the Cash’s Truck Stop’s truck stop electrified parking spaces / TSE

    Municipality of the Year
    The City of Shreveport once again wins the honor of Municipality of the Year for the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) to fuel the city's municipal refuse and transit fleets.

    With 14 CNG Transit buses, 6 CNG Para-transit shuttles and 18 CNG Refuse trucks, the City of Shreveport uses more CNG than any other municipality in the state. Shreveport was also the LCF 2014 Municipality of the Year for their 2013 petroleum offsets and alternative fuel usage.

    The City of Shreveport's CNG fueling facility and fleet is a “win-win-win” for the transit system and the Shreveport community,” said SporTran General Manager Dinero’ Washington. “We will continue to reduce operating costs, improve the environment and create opportunities for other fleets to reap the benefits of CNG. We are truly honored that the City of Shreveport's efforts in becoming a Green-Friendly City are recognized statewide by receiving the 2015 Louisiana Clean Fuels Municipality of the Year award.”  Accepting the Award for Shreveport was SporTran General ManagerDinero’ T. Washington.

    Clean Fuels Champion of the Year
    As the first package delivery company to introduce alternative fuel tractors into its fleet, UPS operates one of the largest private alternative fuel and advanced technology fleets in the U.S. Its National fleet includes nearly 5,500 all-electric, hybrid electric, hydraulic hybrid, CNG, LNG, propane, biomethane and light-weight fuel-saving composite body vehicles. In Louisiana, UPS fueled 218 of their delivery vehicles with biodiesel and added 110 propane delivery vehicles to their fleet, making them the single largest user of alternative fuels in the state.

    The company says it has a goal of driving one billion miles using its alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet by the end of 2017. Accepting the award for UPS on Thursday night was Harold Scherer, Package Division Manager for Louisiana.

    Fleet of the Year
    LCF congratulated Republic Services for their progress in converting their Louisiana Fleet to CNG. 

    In 2014, Republic Services added 42 CNG refuse trucks to their fleet and successfully opened a private CNG fueling station on their property, which opened in June 2014. The company says it will continue expanding their CNG fleet. Accepting the Award for Republic Services was Calvin Ray, General Manager of Hauling in Baton Rouge.

    Runner Up for Fleet of the Year
    Trey Smith, Owner of Ivan Smith Furniture said, “We at Ivan Smith Furniture Co., LLC are honored to receive this award which signifies an organizational objective in our company; both to reduce our operating cost and protect our environment, which grows increasingly fragile as our carbon footprint expands. This award is tangible evidence of that achievement.”

    The first furniture delivery fleet in the country to convert to CNG, Ivan Smith Furniture operates 22 CNG Semi-trailers and fuels at their private fueling facility in northern Louisiana. This project was funded with support from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and the US Energy Department. Due to the success of the CNG fleet conversion, Trey Smith opened Freedom Fuels, a public compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station, the first and only public heavy-duty station in the area. Accepting the award Thursday night on behalf of Ivan Smith Furniture was Dawn Harding, the EHS Director. 

    Innovative Project of the Year
    LCF selected this project for “Innovative Project of the Year” in recognition of the environmental benefits and enormous fuels savings gained from utilization of their electrified parking spaces. For every hour that a long-haul trucker idles, they can burn approximately 1 gallon of diesel.  Turning off their engines and using a TSE removes over 90% of the greenhouse gas emissions and 98% of the criterion pollutants which result from extended diesel engine idling and improves the health and safety of the drivers.

    Across their national network of sites, IdleAir utilization curbed approximately twelve thousand metric tons of diesel emissions and saved over 1 million gallons of diesel fuel.  In addition, drivers were able to power down for approximately 150,000 more restful nights of sleep followed by an equal number of days of alert driving. IdleAir’s Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) technology provides long-haul truck drivers an alternative to idling their engines while resting, providing the ability to shut down their engines and still maintain a comfortable cabin temperature, sustain vehicle battery charge and power electronics.

    TSE provides other benefits such as cleaner air with the reduction of black carbon and soot emitted from diesel engines, reduced noise pollution, local job creation, and an increased tax base for the local economy. Drivers also benefit from improved sleeping conditions without the noise from their engines. 

    Accepting the award on behalf of IdleAir was Yale Klat, Esq.

    Why are alternative fuels important? Our country imported about 33% of the petroleum it consumed in 2013, and more than half of these imports came from outside North America, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Because transportation accounts for about 72% of U.S. petroleum consumption, reducing our dependence on petroleum-based fuels in this sector supports our economy and our energy security. Increased economic and energy security aren't the only benefits of reducing petroleum use in transportation. Gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles are major sources of greenhouse gases, smog-forming compounds, particulate matter, and other air pollutants. Widespread use of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles could greatly reduce the emissions that impact our air quality and public health. 

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    Fast-fill CNG station in the works for Leesville, LA. Bidding for the project will begin July 9th at 3:00 p.m.

    Mayor Beebe from the Town of Hornbeck, LA announced his plans to develop a fast-fill CNG station in Leesville, LA.   Businesses or stakeholders interested in the project will have the opportunity to begin bidding for the station development on July 9th at 3:00 p.m. In addition to the station in Leesville, the Mayor announced that they have future plans for a second location in Hornbeck.  Please view the video below for full details.

    Town of Hornbeck CNG Station Announcement

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    DERA National RFP Now Open

    EPA Clean Diesel News: 5/4/15

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now accepting proposals for the Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program FY 2015 funded through the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) program.  The total estimated funding for this competitive opportunity is approximately $13.5 million.  The Request for Proposals (RFP) is posted on  The RFP and additional information is also posted at .

    EPA will host informational webinars on Tuesday, May 12, at 2:00 pm (ET) and Thursday, May 21, at 2:00 pm (ET).  Webinar participants do not need to register in advance.  The webinar link and call-in information may be found at  

    This RFP will close on June 15, 2015.  EPA expects to make awards in the fall. 

    This RFP  has been updated from the most recent competition, so applicants are encouraged to carefully review the RFP.  Priority will be given to proposals which demonstrate, among other factors:

    • Diesel emission reductions from engines involved in goods movement, including freight and/or ports;
    • Diesel emission reductions in areas of poor air quality;
    • Project outcomes that benefit the community; and
    • Community engagement and partnerships in the development and implementation of this project.

    For more information on this funding opportunity, please visit 

     E-mail: [email protected] 

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