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    Louisiana Clean Fuels (formerly Greater Baton Rouge Clean Cities Coalition) is currently hiring for a part-time contractor at our Baton Rouge office.

    The Executive Assistant is a new position with the objective of supporting our non-profit organization’s upcoming expansion. Candidates must be organized and able to complete multiple consecutive assignments with great attention to detail. Please download PDF job description for details: ExAssistant

    Baton Rouge  is home to one of nearly one-hundred Clean Cities coalitions nationwide. Involvement with the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program provides training and networking opportunities for our staff. The program began in 1993 and Baton Rouge’s coalition was started in 1997, as one of the first local groups. As of 2012, GBRCCC has been hosted by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. Our office is located in the LaSalle Building downtown in Baton Rouge.

    Alternative fuels is an innovative, growing industry with exciting technology and policy developments. This position is a great way to learn about our state’s and nation’s energy landscape. Email your resume to [email protected] for a chance to build a sustainable future with us!

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    Case Studies and Success Stories

    Where can I find case studies and other information about fleets that have successfully adopted alternative fuels and advanced vehicles?


    Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) Resources

    The AFDC Case Studies search ( is a great resource for examples of what real fleets are doing related to alternative fuels. This page allows the user to search by category or keyword.  Categories include fuels and technologies, such as biodiesel and idle reduction, as well as applications such as law enforcement and public transit. The Case Study search functionality was recently updated to provide a better search experience, so be sure to check it out.

    Another useful tool is the AFDC Publications database ( The publications database includes more detailed reports and case studies written by the national laboratories and other organizations regarding the implementation of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles in fleets. This page is also searchable by category or keyword.

    Clean Cities Resources

    The Clean Cities YouTube Channel ( is one of the newest Clean Cities tools. The channel features more than 200 case study videos, including MotorWeek Clean Cities Success Story segments, and other educational media for fleets. In addition, Clean Cities Now ( includes a “Fleet Experiences” section in each biannual publication. Each “Fleet Experiences” article contains information about a fleet that has successfully transitioned their fleet to alternative fuels.

    Clean Cities coalitions are also great resources for information about the “real world” use of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles at the local and regional level. The Clean Cities Coalition Contacts page ( provides a list of coalitions and their websites. Some coalitions post stakeholder fleet case studies on their websites or feature success stories in their newsletters.

    Industry Associations and Publications

    Some industry association websites also contain useful case studies that focus on the use of specific fuel and technology types. For example, the National Biodiesel Board “Market Segments” page ( provides examples of fleets using biodiesel in different applications, as well as stories on several “feature fleets.” Additionally, fleet publications such as Automotive Fleet ( and Green Fleet ( publish articles about fleets that are adopting alternative fuels and advanced vehicles.

    Clean Cities Technical Response Service Team

    [email protected]


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