Notification of RFP Release

    Notification of RFP Release for Energy Efficient Vehicles and Fueling Facilities for East Baton Rouge City/ Parish Department Public Works and City Police Fleet Vehicles

    Bid Number:  20008-EnergyReduction_Fleet_Co

    Description: Energy Reduction Fleet Conversion Performance-Base Efficiency RFP Mandatory Pre-Proposal meeting held October 16 thru 18 by appointment Original: 20008-EnergyReduction_Fleet_Co

    Date Issued: 09/19/2013

    Bid Open Date/Time: 12/03/2013   2:00:00 PM CT

    Help: 20008

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    Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received by the City of Baton Rouge and the Parish of East Baton Rouge Purchasing Division until December 3 at 2:00 P.M.local time in Room 309, of the City-Parish Municipal Building, 100 St.Ferdinand St., Rm 309 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70801 for:

    Energy Efficient Vehicles  and Fueling Facilities for East Baton Rouge City/ Parish Department Public Works  and City Police Fleet Vehicles

    City-Parish seeks to maximize energy cost savings including vehicle fuel cost savings and related costs in order to pay for vehicle and fueling facility upgrades and services. The project goal is to achieve the greatest annual energy savings over the duration of the contract.

    Proposals received after the above specified time will not be considered.  Proposals will be opened immediately after proposal opening time in Room 312, of the Municipal Building.  All interested parties are invited to be present.

    Copies of the RFP Solicitation shall be obtained from the Purchasing Division, Room 309, 100 St. Ferdinand St., Rm 309 of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70801, or by telephoning 225-389-3259, extension 0, by fax request to 225-389-4841, or by email request to [email protected].

    Mandatory Pre-proposal Conference - Mandatory pre-proposal meetings will be held beginning October 16th through, October 18th 2013 by assigned appointment date and times in the Public Works and Planning Building, 1100 Laurel Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

    The right to reject any and all proposals and to waive irregularities and informalities is reserved.

    The City-Parish is an equal opportunity employer and encourages the participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) in all of its projects.  Proposers/Prospective Contractors are strongly encouraged to make positive efforts to utilize minority subcontractors for a portion of this project.  Proposers are requested to include in their proposal a description of plans for minority participation under this Contract as suppliers or subcontractors.

    All questions concerning the RFP must be received in accordance with the Timelines cited in RFP document.

    *Note:  The City-Parish has elected to use LaPAC, the state’s online electronic bid posting and notification system, in addition to its standard means of advertising this requirement.  This RFP is available in electronic form at the LaPAC website

    In that LaPAC provides an immediate e-mail notification to subscribing bidders that a solicitation and any subsequent addenda have been let and posted, notice and receipt thereof is considered formally given as of their respective dates of posting.  Though not required if receiving solicitation and addenda notices from LaPAC, the City-Parish will mail addenda to all vendors contacting our office and requesting to be put on our office Vendor Listing for this solicitation.

    East Baton Rouge City/Parish RFP Contact: 

    Patti J. Wallace, CPPB

    Director of Purchasing / Purchasing Division

    City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge

    PH:  225 389 3259 Ext.304     FAX:  225 389 4841

    Email:  [email protected]

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    The Story Behind the LCF Expansion

    LCF (formerly GBRCCC) kicks off its expansion efforts with a brief look back at how it all began

    Friday, September 6th was a significant date in the history of the Clean Cities program in Louisiana. With the launch of "Louisiana Clean Fuels" the entire state is now served by the resources of this national alternative fuel development program. As we now move forward to implementing the expansion of the non-profit formerly known as "Greater Baton Rouge Clean Cities Coalition"  we recount our story from the past 13 years.

    In 1997 a partnership began to foster development of alternative fuel infrastructure and vehicles throughout the Louisiana capitol region. With support from stakeholders across the transportation, utilities, engineering and manufacturing industries as well as local and state government, the Greater Baton Rouge Clean Cities Coalition received official Clean Cities designation from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2000. Three-years of extensive program planning was celebrated with a ceremony held at the Baton Rouge Centroplex. This milestone marked the dedicated focus on a shared mission to enhance local energy security, environmental quality, and economic stability.

    The 5-parish region, representing the Environmental Protection Agency’s air-quality non-attainment zone at the time of designation included Ascension, Iberville, Livingston, East Baton Rouge and West Baton Rouge. This area was defined as the jurisdictional region of the Clean Cities Coalition. With support from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Chairman, Harold Moise and Coordinator, Mike McDaniel, Ph.D., oversaw the GBRCCC incorporation as a registered 501©3 non-profit organization.  Since then, the coalition has carried out its mandate through partnerships with hosting organizations including Southern University, the East Baton Rouge City-Parish, and the Louisiana State University.

    Volunteer board members represent our most dedicated stakeholder organizations, such as the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, the Capitol Region Planning Commission, Entergy, and PEC. With board member guidance, GBRCCC has proven itself a successful facilitator of public-private partnerships. For example, completed projects have included the purchase of Compressed Natural Gas Trolleys for downtown Baton Rouge, opening an E-85 fueling facility, and installation of electric-vehicle charging equipment on the LSU campus.

    In 2009, the Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership was established to bring Clean Cities resources to the Greater New Orleans area. This U.S. DOE designated Coalition covers a 7-parish area and operates within the Regional Planning Organization. The designation ceremony for the New Orleans region coalition was held in conjunction with a Statewide Clean Cities conference hosted in the Crescent City and organized in partnership with GBRCCC and LDNR. Also that year, the Shreveport city-parish led efforts to apply for designation for a third Clean Cities Coalition for Louisiana, however, the U.S. DOE did not approve that request. After extensive program planning efforts, the area decided to move forward with alternative fuel vehicle project developments without the support of state or federal resources.

    With a presence in the state capitol, GBRCCC has historically received requests for technical assistance as well as membership inquires from stakeholders located outside of the official organizational boundaries. For example, in spring of 2012, three out of six display vehicles came from either Lake Charles or Lafayette. As of the 2013 membership roster, GBRCCC had over 140 active members, which includes over 50 that are located outside of the Greater Baton Rouge area. Additionally, several dozen attendees of past events reside in parts of the state not currently represented. We see as an indication of the strong demand for the services that Clean Cities provides outside of the existing GBRCCC territory. These contacts in particular have also offered enthusiastic support for an assessment that considers the opportunities and challenges related to coalition boundary expansion.

    Between May 2012 and May 2013, GBRCCC conducted a comprehensive survey of stakeholder demand for Clean Cities services in currently unrepresented areas of Louisiana as well as an analysis of GBRCCCs capacity to supply services to an expanded region. This evaluation process includes the following:

    • Composition of state-wide expansion taskforce for advising
    • Representative list of regional alternative fuel supply chain stakeholders
    • Revision of Annual Operating Plan with goals for stakeholder recruitment and fundraising as well as estimated budget for expanded operations
    • Confirmation of interested regional stakeholders
    • Development of various scenarios depicting possible revised Coalition boundaries
    • Assessment of obstacles to overcome in establishing logistical network
    • Impact of expanded program to existing GBRCCC program objectives


    Results of this extensive research are represented in the following graphs:

    FIGURE 3.2.1 GBRCCC Membership by Region  


    FIGURE 3.2.2 Louisiana Clean Fuel Survey Respondents by Region


    Louisiana Clean Fuels looks forward to offering our alternative fuel project development assistance to stakeholders across the state. Please contact us for more information about our non-profit organization and you can participate in these efforts. 

    - See more at:


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    Alternative Fueling Station Locator App

    In a bid to bring consumers more transportation options that save money at the pump, the Energy Department  launched a new mobile app today, to help drivers find stations that provide alternative fuel for vehicles. A mobile version of the Alternative Fueling Station Locator website, It is just one of the latest tools the Energy Department has made available to help drivers find the right vehicle and fuel that suits their needs

    Developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory with support from the Energy Department, the Alternative Fueling Station Locator app provides information on more than 15,000 stations across the country. Users can search for stations that offer:

    • Electricity
    • Biodiesel (B20)
    • Natural gas (compressed and liquefied)
    • Ethanol (E85)
    • Hydrogen
    • Propane

    After the user selects a fuel, the app maps the stations closest to his or her current location, as well as the phone numbers and operating hours. Using the app's filters, drivers can also search for stations that meet certain parameters, such as whether the station is open to the public and what payment methods it accepts.

    The Alternative Fueling Station Locator app is available for the iPhone and iPad at no cost from the Apple App Store.

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    New Biofuels Projects To Reduce Costs and Drive Innovation

    EERE News:  “Secretary Moniz Announces New Biofuels Projects To Reduce Costs and Drive Innovation”

    August 1, 2013 - U.S Energy Secretary, Ernest Moniz, announces that over $22 million dollars will be implemented towards energy research projects as a part of the administration's climate action plan. What this means is advancement in “Green” energy research that focuses on algae-based biofuels as well as other, non-food based, fuels that will reduce the amount of green house gas output in the transportation sector. This research is taking place across the United States, including Hawaii. If alternative biofuels can be made using materials like algae, then the entire biofuels feedstock supply will be secure and consistent, offering multiple choices for fueling to consumers. Read more...

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