Louisiana Fleets Honored by LCF at 2017 Clean Fuel Leader Awards

    EBR Schools, GreenSeasons and UL Lafayette take away top honors

    Each year, Louisiana Clean Fuels recognizes fleets in its territory for use of alternative fuels, emissions reduction and fuel saving measures and honors outstanding fleets and projects. To qualify for the awards, fleets need only to participate in the Clean Cities Annual Reporting process by sharing their fuel usage and fleet information with Louisiana Clea Fuels, a U.S. Department of Energy designated Clean Cities Coalition since 2000.

    The 2017 Awards are based on fuel statistics and data gathered for the 2016 Clean Cities Annual Report.

    • Rising Star
    • Innovative Project of the Year
    • Resilience Award
    • 2 Lifetime Achievement Awards
    • Various recognition awards for outstanding fleets

    Rising Star: East Baton Rouge Parish School System

    The 2017 Rising Star Award is for a fleet that has just begun its journey with alternative fuels. This particular fleet responded to the devastation of the great flood of August 2016 and decided to do something good for the children and their community by investing in cleaner burning, domestically produced alternative fuel buses for their district.

    The East Baton Rouge Parish School System is the second largest school district in Louisiana serving over 42,000 students. The flood damaged homes and vehicles of its employees and students, the roads they use to travel, entire contents of school buildings, and the lives of its community. Thirty-five percent of employees and over 5,000 children were displaced by the flood. Over one hundred ten (110) school buses were destroyed and 189 school buses drivers displaced.  The Office of Transportation and the transportation shop were included in the seven administrative sites that flooded. Eight flooded schools were relocated to other school sites; and four non-flooded schools were relocated to make room for the displaced schools.

    After the flood, the school system scraped together what funds they could and purchased 68 buses - 10 of which were propane. The school board also won DERA funding to offset the cost of more propane buses and has expressed their desire to purchase more.

    Accepting the award for East Baton Rouge School System:

    • Warren Drake, Superintendent of Schools
    • Pat Friedrich - District Grant Writer
    • Gary Reese– Chief of Student Support Services 


    Innovative Project of the Year: University of Louisiana at Lafayette

    This year’s Innovative Project of the Year goes to a university that is conducting groundbreaking research into cyber security of Electric Vehicles. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s innovative program is funding by a grant titled,  “Diagnostics Security Modules for Electric Vehicles to Building Integration project” and is funded by Idaho National Laboratory and the Department of Energy.

    The goal of the project is to evaluate the cybersecurity of electric vehicle charging stations and Plug in electric vehicles, strengthen cyber security of the connected systems (such as smart buildings and other vehicles) and determine the effect that the increasing amount of electric vehicles may have on the grid.

    The team at University of Louisiana at Lafayette consists of graduate students, undergraduate students, and professors. Dr. Raju Gottukkumala and Dr. Paul Darby lead the team. Dr. Gottukkamala is the Director of Research for the Informatics Research Institute at UL Lafayette, he is also an assistant professor at the university. Dr. Darby is an assistant professor in the Electrical & Computer Engineering department at UL Lafayette. Six students compose the remainder of the team - Andrew Roche, Rizwan Merchant, Adam Tauzin, Camille Charnews, Kaleb Leon, and Benjamin Armentor. They are also working with Kenneth Rohde at Idaho National Laboratory. 

    Accepting the award for Univeristy of Louisiana at Lafayette:

    • Dr. Raju Gottumukkala
    • Dr. Paul Darby
    • Dr. Henry Chu
    • Mr. Ben Armentor
    • Mr. Camille Charnews
    • Mr. Rizwan Merchant


    Resilience Award: GreenSeasons

    The 2017 Resilience award goes to a Louisiana fleet whose commitment to alternative fuels was put to the ultimate test. Back in early 2016, they converted twenty-three of their trucks to CNG and started construction of a private, onsite slow-fill natural gas station. Everything seemed to be on track and going smoothly. Then, in August of 2016, the worst natural disaster to hit our country since Hurricane Sandy dumped nearly 7.1 trillion gallons of water on the southern half of our state. Every one of their vehicles was underwater as was their new private CNG station.

    When asked why he wanted to stick with alternative fuels after everything was damaged, Chris CasseIberry said that reducing GreenSeason’s carbon footprint was just that important to him. He also needed to have a constant and reliable source of fuel, ensure that his trucks were properly fueled every night, and wanted to reduce his overall cost of fuel for his fleet. In addition to utilizing CNG in their fleet, GreenSeasons has eight commercial propane mowers. But he doesn’t plan to stop there. This company has big plans to eventually operate on 100% alternative and renewable energy sources.


    Accepting the award for GreenSeasons:   Chris CasseIberry


    Lifetime Achievement Awards:

    The 2017 Lifetime Achievement awards go to two individuals who have worked tirelessly for much of their careers to promote the use of cleaner, domestically produced alternative fuels in our state.

    • Robert Borne, Entergy
    • Jean Kelly, LDEQ


    2017 Top Performing Fleets

    Top Performing Private Fleets

    Republic Services             

    • 14,174.20 tons of GHG reduced
    • Achieved this through CNG usage plus fuel economy improvements & idle reduction


    • 3,532.5 tons of GHG reduced
    • Top User of Alt Fuels – Over 1 Million Gallons in 2016
    • Achieved this through CNG, Propane and Renewable Diesel

    Waste Management                     

    • 245.80 tons GHG reduced
    • Achieved this through CNG fleet reduced petroleum use by 294,291 gallons in 2017


    2017 Honorable Mention Private Fleets

    In this group, Ivan Smith and Builders Supply offset the most petroleum through alternative fuel use, while GreenSeasons further reduced their GHG emissions through additional use of Propane in their commercial mowers and Fuel Economy Improvements, VMT Reductions and Idle Reduction.

    Green Seasons                    

    • Reduced GHG emissions by 645.70 tons        
    • Fuel Economy Improvements, VMT Reductions and Idle Reduction
    • CNG and Propane
    • Winner of the 2017 Resilience Award

    Builders Supply                    

    • Reduced GHG emissions by 98.30 tons
    • CNG Fleet and Idle Reduction

    Ivan Smith Furniture                       

    • Reduced GHG emissions by 144.30 tons
    • CNG Fleet & Idle Reduction

    Eagle Distributing                

    • Reduced GHG emissions by 97.60 tons


    Top Performing Utility Fleet: Entergy                 

    • Reduced GHG emissions by 383.90 tons
    • CNG, E85, HEVs and Route Optimization


    Honorable Mention for Utility Fleets

    Centerpoint Energy

    • Reduced GHG emissions by 24 tons
    • CNG Fleet

    Atmos Energy

    • Reduced GHG emissions by 6.7 tons   
    • CNG Fleet


    Top Performing Municipal Fleets

    St. Landry Parish Solid Waste District

    • CNG and RNG Reduced GHG emissions by 977.3 tons

    City of Shreveport & Sportran

    • CNG Fleet Reduced GHG emissions by 552 tons


    Honorable Mention Municipal Fleets

    Bossier City             

    • CNG Fleet Reduced GHG emissions by 52.7 tons

    Lafourche Parish School District

    • Propane buses Reduced GHG emissions by 18.27 tons

    City of Lake Charles

    • Propane fleet Reduced GHG emissions by 137 tons

    Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government

    • CNG Fleet Reduced GHG emissions by 34.9 tons

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