LCF Partners with LDEQ for EPA Advance Program

    LCF is pleased to announce our participation in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Advance Program, partnering with the Capital Region Planning Commission, the Baton Rouge Clean Air Coalition and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

    In a letter to LCF, the EPA’s director of the Outreach and Information Division, Gregory Green stated that our “participation will offer considerable benefits to the ongoing efforts in the area to improve air quality.”

    The Advance Program is a collaborative effort by states and local governments to encourage emission reductions to that will yield continued attainment with National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Participants in the Ozone Advance program are required to submit an action plan that outlines what the areas have done to address emission standards as well as what their plans for ozone reduction are for the future.

    Lauren Stuart, Executive Director of the Greater Baton Rouge Clean Cities Coalition, explains the role of transportation in air quality: ”at a time when many areas of the state are becoming more concerned with ozone formation, alternative fuel options for transportation are an important part of addressing the air pollution problem.”

    Ms. Stuart will be appearing on WAFB Morning Show, Sunday Morning to discuss LCF’s involvement in the Advance Program through EPA and air quality issues in the  Baton Rouge area. In the Baton Rouge area, please tune in to WAFB, Channel 9 at 8am on April 28th.

    On April 29, Ms. Stuart, will speak about alternative fuels and air quality at the Advance Program press conference hosted by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality at 10 a.m in the conference center. The Press conference will be opened by DEQ Secretary, Peggy Hatch. There will be four short presentations by Michael Vince, DEQ; Mike McDaniel, PhD, facilitator, Baton Rouge Clean Air Coalition; Ravi Ponnapureddy, Capital Region Planning Commission; and Lauren Stuart, LCF.

    The EPA Advance Program press conference information is as follows:

    Monday, April 29, 2013

    10 a.m., DEQ Conference Center

    Oliver Pollock Room

    602 N. 5th Street,

    Baton Rouge

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