Plugged In: The Port of New Orleans Races Ahead in Environmental Sustainability

    Two years ago, the Port of New Orleans stated their commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.  Since then, the port has made leaps and bounds in their accomplishments.  In July, the port launched Louisiana's first public fleet of Nissan Leaf vehicles.  This effort will reduce greenhouse gasses and air pollutants significantly as EVs generate 0 tailpipe emissions.  

    The Nissan Leaf was a good choice for the port; the vehicles average about 100 miles for each full charge.  Nissan donated two chargers to the port due to their investment in the vehicles.  The chargers are featured in the fleet parking lot.  

    “Adding the two electric cars to the Port fleet of vehicles is a big gain for us toward our clean air strategy,” says Ryan Bylsma, Port Manager of Facility Services. “We’re grateful for the leadership and support of the Board of Commissioners, Nissan, the Regional Planning Commission [the host agency for the Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership], and all Port staff involved in procuring the vehicles.”

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