First Responders: Are you prepared?

    Attention Louisiana First Responders:

    Are you prepared?

    Firefighters, EMS and Law Enforcement need to be trained on the differences between alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and their conventional counterparts and on the proper procedures for safely addressing incidents involving natural gas, propane autogas, hydrogen, electric drive, and biofuel powered vehicles. With increased vehicle use, the chance of these new technologies being involved in a vehicular accident also increases.

    Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety Classes available at JESTC April 5-8, 2016

    Did you know that there are over 3,000 AFVs on the road in Louisiana today?

    • Many more are being added every year
    • Long Haul truckers turning to LNG and CNG as an option
    • Ports embracing LNG - The first LNG station in Louisiana opened in 2015 in Lafayette
    • Over 93 AFV fueling locations in the state

    Avoid embarrassing media frenzies, highway closures and injuries… Know how to respond safely to incidents on the roads which involve AFVs.

    • Do you understand the properties of compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas and propane?
    • What do you do if a propane truck gets in an accident with an electric vehicle?
    • Can you identify the risks and hazards common to alternative fuel storage, including high-voltage batteries and high pressure gaseous fuel cylinders?
    • What do you know about the different AFV fueling and charging station safety systems?
    • Are you able to list personal protective equipment necessary when responding to an AFV incident?
    • Can you list the steps for rescuing occupants from a damaged AFV?
    • Do you know how to respond to a fire in an AFV?
    • Can you demonstrate proper response to a gaseous fuel leak?

    Get the answers to these questions and MORE at JESTC April 5-8th. Registration is available on-line at the JESTC website or on the LCF Website.

    Tuesday - April 5th
    PERC Propane Safety Class & Hands on session - 8 Hrs (8AM – 4PM)

    Location: JESTC in Zachary, LA

    Wednesday - April 6th
    NAFTC Fire Fighter AFV Safety Class - All Fuels - 8 Hrs (8AM – 4PM)

    Location: JESTC in Zachary, LA
    "Train the Trainer" Manuals Available for Fire Fighters

    Thursday - April 7th
    NAFTC Law Enforcement & EMS AFV Safety Class - 6 hrs (8AM – 3PM)

    Location: JESTC in Zachary, LA
    "Train the Trainer" Manuals Available for EMS and Law Enforcement

    Friday – April 8th
    In-Depth CNG Vehicle & Fueling Safety Class – 4 hrs (8AM - Noon)

    Location:  JESTC in Zachary, LA
    Course Open to any discipline

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