Fleets Turn to Engine Tuners For Quick, Low-Effort Fuel Cost Savings

    Guest Blogger: Derive Systems

    How would you like to see a drop in fleet fuel costs that doesn’t involve a big investment in electric vehicles and isn’t dependent on volatile gas prices? What if instead of relying solely on driver training to increase fuel efficiency, you could let the vehicle do the work for you?

    For fleets everywhere, engine calibration technology is that go-to automated solution, providing an attractive fuel savings alternative that not only comes in at a relatively low price point, but also installs quickly, and produces results immediately. Engine tuners adjust key performance parameters like idle RPM to meet fleet needs using less fuel, and cap top speeds at an ideal point where vehicles can get the job done effectively and still get the most out of every tank of gas.

    Using Derive Efficiency’s engine calibration technology, municipal, police and utility fleets have seen fuel economy improve by up to 12 percent, and the savings can range from 10 to 30 percent during idle.

    Just ask landscaping giant BrightView. They looked to Derive tuners to streamline costs, and pilot results showed that they did just that, with BrightView’s trucks saving nearly 20% on fuel while in idle and getting more than 11% better mileage per gallon. Over an 8-hour day, their landscaping vehicles saved around a gallon of gas, meaning the savings really began to add up as they installed engine calibration technology on more fleet vehicles.

    And as a large Florida municipal police fleet discovered, burning less fuel and running vehicles more efficiently means also reducing your fleet’s carbon footprint. Lowering idle RPM on their cruisers reduced the fleet’s carbon footprint by 200 pounds per vehicle per month. Fleet managers can rest easy knowing that the technology still keeps vehicles emissions compliant in all 50 states. Not to mention, placing less demand on the powertrain means that fleets can expect longer life from their vehicles and components. So for cost-conscious fleet managers, the best news is that embracing idle efficiency doesn’t have to mean tossing out the old, you can see significant gains by getting the most from what you have.

    No matter how large your fleet, Derive’s efficiency software is quick and easy to implement. Their handheld programmer connects to the OBDII port and seamlessly recalibrates the engine to your specific needs. Because installation can be done in about 15 minutes, vehicles don’t have to be taken out of service. Derive Efficiency technology supports a wide range of Ford and GM vehicles and more are added regularly. Pilot testing has shown consistent results, which have been verified by independent labs.

    To find out more about engine calibration technology and how it can help your fleet save on fuel costs, please click below or visit


    The software also adjusts performance parameters like throttle response, transmission shift points in order to ensure that the vehicle meets fleet needs in the most efficient way possible. Fleets can also take advantage of a speed limiting feature that caps vehicle top speed in order to save fuel and promote safety.

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