Entergy’s eTech Program: Plug Into the Benefits

    Did you know that Entergy has an incentive program that is designed to encourage its customers to electrify equipment that they own and operate? Entergy’s eTech program “promotes the adoption of electric-powered alternatives to many applications that traditionally require fossil fuels.” Part of this promotion involves offering some amazing financial incentives for those looking to take the next step in electrification.

    For those unfamiliar, this short video explains some of the benefits of the eTech program:

    Entergy customers who purchase select electric equipment may qualify for cash incentives when they purchase the following equipment:

    Incentives for Plugin and Electric Vehicle Owners

    Entergy is offering $250 per outlet for those who have a Level 2 EV Charger installed at their home or place of business for the purpose of charging electric or plugin vehicles. This is easy money to earn, especially for EV or hybrid owners who would benefit from having easy access to a Level 2 Charger at their homes or businesses that may already be considering having chargers installed for their employees or customers.

    Incentives for Fleets

    There are plenty of other projects that can qualify as well, including truck stop and fleet electrification. These electrified parking spaces allow truckers to stay comfortable in their vehicles with the engine turned off during mandatory rest periods, which reduces emissions and the loss of fuel (and therefore money) while the truckers take their rest. By installing electrified parking spaces, truck stops can help fleets save money, reduce harmful emissions, and earn incentives at the same time. Other options include: Truck refrigeration units, transit vehicles, and cranes.

    Don’t See an Incentive Listed for Your Project?

    Entergy may also be able to provide consultation and assistance with the purchase of Material Handling Equipment, Marine and Port Equipment, Locomotives, Mining Equipment, Auxiliary Power Units, battery-powered sprayers, ride-on sweepers and scrubbers, induction heating, and battery-electric switches, powder coating and industrial heat pumps.Though a project or technology may not be listed directly on the eTech website, many more electrification projects may apply and qualify for incentives as determined on a case-by-case basis.

    To learn more, visit Entergy’s eTech website. If you’d like to contact Entergy to find out if you qualify for their program, call 1-833-44ETECH or send an email to [email protected].

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