Enroll in our Green Fleets Program by participating in our Annual Report!

    Annual Reporting is well underway as we collect information from our alternative fuels stakeholders to compile data on how Louisiana fleets used alternative fuels and fuel-saving measures to reduce their emissions in 2018. Dozens of progressive Louisiana fleets participate in our Annual Report each year. In order to reduce the reporting burden on our stakeholders, we have added the option to sign up for Green fleets from the Annual Report data collection survey.

    What is Green Fleet Certification?

    Through Green Fleets, Louisiana Clean Fuels conducts emissions analysis and quantification of on-road vehicles for fleets throughout the state of Louisiana. Becoming a certified LCF Green Fleet includes such benefits as educational opportunities, branding and promotional tools for fleet achievement, informational resources on technology options and incentives, funding assistance with grant opportunities, and more. Fleets may also promote their Certified Green Fleets status, showing their commitment to reducing emissions.

    How to Enroll

    Enrolling in our Green Fleets program is simple, free, and obligation-free; fleets who enroll are not obligated to make any changes in how they run their fleets. Once enrolled, LCF will provide your fleet with a report that you can use as a benchmark for future fuel consumption and emission reduction programs. We will work with you to track your progress over time and provide guidance to help your fleet achieve emissions-reduction goals.

    With just a few extra steps, fleets who participate in our Annual Report can enroll in Green Fleets. The Annual Report survey asks users to indicate whether or not they’d like the data they’ve provided in the survey to be used to enroll them in the Green Fleets program. Most of the information needed for Green Fleets enrollment is already being provided for the Annual Report, so we can use that information to start the enrollment for the Green Fleets program if a fleet is interested. Then we will contact that fleet for further informational requirements at a later date.

    Please note that the Annual Report is entirely separate from Green Fleets enrollment. For those uninterested in the Green Fleets program, it’s still important to fill out the Annual Report survey so LCF and the Department of Energy can have an accurate picture of alternative fuel and vehicle usage in Louisiana.

    Interested in learning more about LCF’s Green Fleets program? Visit our Green Fleets page for more information on eligibility, data requirements, and analysis and scoring methodology.

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