LCF Hosts First Responder Training Course for St. George Fire Department

    On May 22 - 24th, 2019, Louisiana Clean Fuels Executive Director and Coordinator Ann Vail hosted a first responder training course for the St. George fire department. The course was designed to teach firefighters how to deal with alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) in the event of an emergency situation.

    The course, which covered natural gas, propane, and electric vehicles, was designed to be an introductory and awareness class to help firefighters identify the different types of vehicles and learn about the properties of the various fuels, and the course also included some information on how to handle these kinds of fuels and vehicles. Ann taught three courses a day for three days. The classes were a success; the St. George fire department sent firefighters from four stations in shifts throughout the day with approximately 15 people attending each class.

    It is vital for first responders to have an understanding of AFVs in the event of an emergency. Individual fuels and AFVs have varying safety procedures that can change the way first responders handle the situation. What might be safe for a diesel vehicle in the event of an accident could be a dangerous situation for an AFV and vice versa, and this course was designed to fill in some of those gaps and teach the firefighters some best practices for handling these fuels and vehicle.

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