It's the LCF Membership Dues Drive!

    Your membership supports our coalition's mission and 2021 programmatic goals.

    Louisiana Clean Fuels is a member-supported Clean Cities Coalition that values the contributions of its members and partners. We invite you to become part of our coalition and join or renew your membership with LCF today.

    Louisiana Clean Fuels depends on the support of our members for the work we do to foster Louisiana's economic, environmental, and energy security. This support is vital for us to continue our efforts to reduce emissions and promote fuel-efficient technologies and alternative fuel usage in our state.

    Become part of the solution! Join or renew your membership with us to help support our 2021 initiatives:

    Increase awareness of emerging mobility technologies and their potential impacts on climate and air quality goals.
    Through webinars, regional workshops and outreach events

    Increase the efficiency of public and private fleets
    Through our Green Fleets Certification program, demonstration projects, and alternative fuel suitability analysis

    Encourage investment in renewable through analysis and education
    With projects like our "Waste to Fuel" initiative to reduce methane emissions in Louisiana

    Support our alternative fuel fleets and early adopters
    By conducting Listening Sessions, hosting technical training, and collaborating with members on grant proposals and funding opportunities

    Improve our state’s fueling infrastructure
    By working with our stakeholders to both bring awareness to and improve our alternative fuel corridors.

    Support and empower our first responders
    By continuing to offer critical safety training to Louisiana first responders

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