LCF's 2020 Annual Report | Responses due March 30, 2021

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By sharing your fleet's alternative fuel usage and fuel saving measures with us, we can in turn, share the aggregated emission reduction numbers with policy makers and elected officials - giving them a better understanding of the scope of alternative fuel use in our state as well as the resulting air quality benefits of different technologies, fuels, and policies.

This data is more important than ever considering that the state has set a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction goal of NetZero by 2050 and the Governor's Climate Initiatives Task Force has just begun work on a plan to achieve that goal. Getting an accurate baseline as well as an understanding of which technologies are most effective at reducing GHGs is critical. Plus, the only way to get recognition at our Annual Clean Fuel Leader Awards is to participate in our Annual Report!

In 2020, did you...

  • Purchase or operate Propane, CNG, LNG, Electric or PHEV vehicles?
  • Use Biodiesel, RNG or other renewable alternative fuel in your vehicles?
  • Start or continue an idle reduction program?
  • Add aerodynamics to your vehicles?
  • Shorten your routes to save fuel?
  • Replace an older vehicle with a smaller or more fuel efficient vehicle?
  • Build or operate an Electric Vehicle charging station or an alternative fuel fueling station (such as CNG, Propane, Bio Diesel or LNG).

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we want to hear from you!

*All data submitted will be confidential and only reported on in aggregate with data from fleets across our territory.

Four ways to participate:


The survey asks guiding questions for information about the amount and type of alternative fuels you have used, how many and what type of alternative fuel vehicles you own, and any alternative fuels or emissions-reducing projects you were involved with throughout 2020.



If you have a small fleet or not much has changed since 2019, we can verify your information based on last year’s data over the phone or via email. Schedule a time for a call with Ann or Tyler.


Prefer spreadsheets? Fill in your 2020 information on our annual report spreadsheet instead. Find a downloadable version of our spreadsheet here, then submit to Ann or Tyler via email.


4. *NEW* Green Fleets Participation:

If you would like to participate in the Louisiana Green Fleets Program, you can submit Green Fleets data instead of Annual Report data. Participation in the Green Fleets Program requires more data from you but also makes your fleet eligible for Green Fleets Certification, which you can read more about at the link below.


Deadline to submit your data:  March 30, 2021

Annual Clean Fuel Leader Awards

Want recognition for your work to reduce your fuel consumption and lower operating costs and emissions through alternative fuels? The only way to enter is by participating in our Annual Report! These Awards recognize the achievements of clean fuel stakeholders who have gone above and beyond in reaching their environmental and transportation goals. The 2021 Annual Clean Fuel Leader awards will be held in the fall of 2021 at a location and date TBD. To ensure that you don't miss any events or critical updates from LCF, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Read about our 2020 Clean Fuel Leader Award winners on the LCF blog.

Want to learn more about the Report?

View our informational webinar on the Annual Report where we go through the information we’re asking for, explain the different ways you can submit your fleet information, explain how we use the information, and give you an opportunity to ask questions.


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