Governor's Climate Initiatives Task Force Meets | LCF Coordinator Named to Transportation Committee

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By Emily Devereaux, LCF Intern

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards established the Climate Initiatives Task Force in November 2020 with Executive Order 2020-18 to investigate and make recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Louisiana. The task force will integrate strategies and recommendations from a diverse group of experts to achieve this goal while simultaneously preserving Louisiana’s economic competitiveness and growth. The task force also looks forward to working with the government, colleges, universities, the private sector, and all Louisianians to promote an inclusive environment.

The goal of the task force is to help Louisiana achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 after achieving set benchmarks in 2025 and 2030. The first at-large meeting outlined the climate crisis and its implications for the Gulf Coast Region, the structure and next steps of the task force, and the structured decision-making process to facilitate its goals. To start, the task force recognized the potential risks for urban infrastructure, health risks, and increased flooding in coastal and low-lying regions as a consequence of the climate crisis. Decisions will be supported by an analysis of various solutions, desired outcomes, and responses to legal mandates and the integration of science and policy. The task force will also be supported by a number of relevant committees, including the Transportation Committee.

The Transportation Committee of the Climate Initiatives Task Force held their first meeting on December 1st to discuss the foundational steps of the committee, which will help to propel the work that has just begun. Louisiana Clean Fuels Executive Director Ann Vail is a member of this committee and is excited to help shape a greener future for Louisiana. The primary objectives of this committee will be to reduce emissions specifically in the transportation sector, maintain the viability of transportation providers, and increase access to reliable, efficient, and affordable transportation options. Additionally, the committee recognizes the necessity to move away from oil-based fuels and will consider how to prepare the EV grid for these industry shifts. The committee will also promote education about emissions and transportation efficacy as well as other strategies mentioned in the discussion of the fundamental objectives, which can be found in the recording of the meeting

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