UPS to use propane in Louisiana

    Residents of Louisiana and Oklahoma will soon have environmental peace of mind when UPS delivers their packages using propane-fueled trucks. UPS plans to spend $70 million dollars on the purchase of 1,000 propane trucks and 50 propane-fueling stations, of which one third will be utilized in Louisiana.

    Propane is a popular alternative fuel due to its domestic availability, high-energy density, clean-burning qualities, and relatively low cost.

    David Abney, UPS Chief Operating Officer, says that this move toward alternative fuels is part of a greater initiative to use environmentally friendly and cost effective fuels once infrastructure is in place.

    UPS expects operations to begin mid-year and to be completed by early 2015.

    LCF is excited to see more propane and other alternative fuel utility trucks! If you are affiliated with a business considering converting your fleet to an alternative fuel, contact us today. 

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