Entergy, AEP, Four Other Utilities Team Up to Create a Multi-State Fast Charging Network

    Two LCF Members Join the Electric Highway Coalition

    On March 2, 2021, six utilities announced their participation in the Electric Highway Coalition, a group consisting of American Electric Power, Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Entergy Corporation, Southern Company, and the Tennessee Valley Authority with the intent to create seamless electric vehicle charging "from the Atlantic Coast through the Midwest and South, and into the Gulf Coast and Central Plains regions."

    The plan involves these utilities working together to establish a DC Fast Charging network along major highways in their territories, which would allow EV drivers access to continuous fast charging throughout these states. With charging taking only 20-30 minutes, the hope is that this network will help to promote EV adoption for drivers concerned with vehicle range and travel possibilities.

    “At Entergy, we are taking an integrated approach toward a carbon-free future that includes working with industry peers and customers to electrify other sectors of the economy like transportation and the maritime industry,” said Leo Denault, chairman and CEO of Entergy Corporation. “Initiatives like this proposed regional EV charging corridor will help lower transportation emissions and provide community benefits for all our stakeholders.”

    “Throughout the ages, travelers have had to figure out how to get from point A to B. From feeding and watering horses, to filling gas tanks, and now recharging batteries, ensuring that there are convenient places to accomplish these tasks is critical,” said Nicholas K. Akins, AEP’s chairman, president and chief executive officer. “With this effort, we are working to help drivers see that EVs fit their lifestyle and their travel plans, wherever the road might take them.”

    Two participating Electric Highway Coalition utilities, Entergy and SWEPCO (a subsidiary of American Electric Power), are Louisiana Clean Fuels members with representatives on our Board of Directors. They are also supporting partners on our Drive Electric Louisiana project, which is dedicated to accelerating EV adoption and improving fueling infrastructure in Louisiana. Projects such as Drive Electric Louisiana - a participating state project in the Drive Electric USA initiative funded by the US Department of Energy - will be vital in working with the Electric Highway Coalition to accomplish their interstate charging network goals.

    "Entergy's partnership with Clean Cities Coalitions will be critical in this endeavor," said Scott Barrios. Barrios is a Senior Account Manager of Entergy eTech, the company's EV charging incentive program, in addition to being a member of the LCF Board of Directors.

    To learn more about this initiative and the utilities involved, please view the following press releases:


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