2014 Louisiana Alternative Fuels Conference & Expo Recap

    2014 Louisiana Alternative Fuels Conference & Expo Recap 

    Louisiana Clean Fuels and the Southeast Clean Fuels Partnership with the support of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources hosted the 2014 Louisiana Alternative Fuels Conference & Expo on May 16th at the Lod Cook Alumni Center on Louisiana State University’s campus. 

    The Louisiana Alternative Fuels Conference & Expo offered attendees the opportunity to listen to panel experts who discussed natural gas, propane, electric vehicles and various other technologies.  The speakers provided guidance on the process of converting to alternative fuels from infrastructure, fueling decisions, available alternative fuel vehicle options, and the benefits of using alternative fuels in public and private fleets.   

    The meeting included keynote speaker, Mayor Cedric B. Glover of Shreveport, LA, to discuss the city’s use of public transit systems and garbage packer trucks powered by compressed natural gas.  By using the alternative fueled vehicles, Glover stated that the city’s efforts will create less ozone, CO2, and save around $350, 000 per year in fuel costs. 

    In addition to Glover and alternative fuel panel experts, alternative fuel vehicles were available on site for the event participants to test drive and observe.  To close the conference, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne presented the Louisiana Clean Fuel Leader Awards to private and public fleets that have taken measures to reduce petroleum consumption in their fleets.  Alongside Lt. Gov. Dardenne, Commissioner Mike Strain presented the award for the innovative project of the year.  The other awards presented that day were:  Fleet of the Year, Municipality of the Year, and other Honorable Mentions.  

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