Webinar: Propane fueling station costs

    Want to learn more about how much a propane fueling station costs? 

    Clean Cities has been working closely with the propane industry to create a report on the Costs Associated with Propane Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure.  This document provides an overview of the components of a station, factors that can affect the cost, and ballpark cost ranges.  Look for the release of this document in early August. 

    Also, save the date for a Clean Cities Propane Infrastructure webinar on August 12th from 1-2:30pm ET.  Curtis Donaldson from CleanFUEL USA will present an overview of the key components of a propane station, how a propane station works, and factors that affect the cost.  Ron Latko, retired Mesa Public Schools Director of Transportation and current independent consultant, will share his experience bringing 90 propane school buses to the fleet.  Ron oversaw the design and installation of three propane fueling stations and many fleets can benefit from hearing about his success.  During this webinar, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about the presentations as well as the content of the related propane infrastructure document.

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