EPA pushes economic case of capturing methane

    EPA pushes economic case of capturing methane
    St. Landry Parish Waste Disposal District is already cashing in

    Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy is stressing the need for industry to tamp down on methane leaks and flaring.

    McCarthy explained at the Barclays 2014 energy conference on Tuesday that taking steps to capture methane helps combat climate change and makes companies more profitable.

    "It's not wasted byproduct, it is product that is being wasted," McCarthy said, "The less methane that is leaked and gets away from you, the more profitable your business is."

    In Louisiana, St. Landry Parish Waste Disposal District already implemented a BioCNG system that can produce 250 gallons of gasoline equivalent (GGE) of CNG per day at less than half the cost of gasoline. The fuel is produced from 50 scfm of biogas containing 55 to 58 percent methane. The system can be expanded by adding multiple units if necessary.

    In January 2013, the St. Landry Solid Waste Disposal District received the EPA’s 2012 LMOP Project of the Year Award, the second such honor given to the innovative BioCNG system.

    Earlier this year, EPA released a methane strategy that directed agencies to research ways to tackle emissions. Since then, the administration has published several white papers on mitigation efforts, but nothing has been released on any formal regulation proposals to reign in emissions from hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

    "We are looking at the most cost-effective targeted regulatory, and or voluntary initiatives that we may be able to put on the table that significantly take a chunk out of methane emissions in the oil and gas sector," McCarthy said. 

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