Ride-Share Program Set to Become Active in the Baton Rouge Area

    To cut down the numbers of drivers on the road as well as emissions that are released into the air, the Baton Rouge Clean Air Coalition is looking to implement a new program that would connect commuters online to organize carpools. 

    The long-term goals of this program could be in reach, especially if employers buy into the program.  This could radically change how people get to their jobs, driving down costs for the individuals as well as reducing emissions from the use of fewer vehicles. 

    The Capital Region Planning Commission has become interested in the project, and it has been searching for the right software for users in the program.  Recently, it awarded grant funding to Trapeze’s GreenRide software; a rideshare program.

    The software uses an Internet-based registration and format to connect riders and drivers based on various criteria.  The software features a way to calculate the money saved by commuting.  Users log in their miles traveled and the software calculates savings as well as the amount of air pollution reduced. 

    The reduction, overall, will help the region meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ozone standards.  Many other larger cities have already bought into the GreenRide program.  Other cities include: Detroit, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and New Orleans.  One of the most successful cities using the software has been Redmon, Washington.  This is because Microsoft fully integrated the system into their daily use.

    GreenRide software will most likely be available by the end of this year for use by organizational members as well as the general public. 

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