Together we can accomplish more than we ever could apart.

    2018 Membership Dues Drive

    With the support of our 2017 members, we were able to expand our presence across the state and work on projects that will have far reaching effects on adoption of clean fuels in our 56-parish territory.

    For example, here are some of our biggest accomplishments for 2017:

    • Hosted 72+ hours of clean fuel education
    • Reduced Green House Gas emissions by 48,000 tons
    • Conducted outreach in nearly 10 cities across the state
    • Successfully submitted a proposal to the FHWA for Alternative Fuel Corridors signage with our state LDEQ
    • Analyzed the NOx emissions for projects proposed to the LDEQ for VW funding
    • Received funding from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to analyzed a state agency's sedans for potential EV implementation 
    • Supported a new automotive training center to become a NAFTC National AFV Training Center
    • Assisted the East Baton Rouge School system to rebuild their fleet by adding propane buses after the August 2016 flood destroyed 110 of their buses
    • Created 2 Motorweek videos highlighting Louisiana AFV fleets 
    • and more!

    In 2018, we have ambitious goals to continue to support the adoption of alternative fuels and fuel reduction practices. With support from valued stakeholders like you, LCF will:

    • Launch a Green Fleets Certification program in January 2018
    • Add new fleet analysis benefits for qualified 2018 members
    • Continue to work closely with the state office of procurement to get more AFVs on the state bid list
    • Continue to work with the state's lead agency for the VW Settlement to facilitate communication by conducting outreach and assisting fleets and applicants with the process
    • Work with LDOT and LDEQ to install signage for any Alternative Fuel CNG and LPG corridors that get approved under the FHWA Alternative Fuel Corridors signage program.
    • Create an RNG curriculum to help landfills learn how they can produce high quality renewable natural gas

    There is still a lot more that needs to be done in 2018. Together we can accomplish more than we ever could apart. We invite you to join with us to support the growth of domestically produced, cleaner and affordable alternative fuels in Louisiana by joining our coalition as a 2018 member.

    Can we count on you?

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