CSA Presentation_Fire Marshal Training 2016

    Natural Gas Vehicle Devices & Component Safety and Certification


    SWEPCO Nissan Leaf Promotion

    Promotional flyer for Nissan Leaf promotion from Nissan and SWEPCO

    2019 Round 4 AFC Request for Nominations

    FHWA Alt Fuel Corridor Designations: 2019/Round 4 Request for Nominations

    Clean Fuels Classic Brochure

    Brochure for the golf tournament

    Notice of Intent No. DE-FOA-0002222

    Notice of Intent to Issue Funding Opportunity Announcement No. DE-FOA-0002197

    2020 Work Truck Show Free Pass Registration Form

    Registration form for Clean Cities Stakeholders to attend the Work Truck Show with a free pass

    LCF 20th Anniversary Timeline

    Timeline of LCF's history throughout the last 20 years

    2020 Annual Fleet Survey Blank Spreadsheet

    This spreadsheet is for fleets participating in the Annual Fleet Survey input their data for submission to LCF.

    Fast Facts: Alternative Fuel Vehicles

    Learn the facts behind these common alternative fuel vehicle myths.

    EVSE Toolkit

    EVSE Toolkit Fact Sheet

    The EVSE Toolkit Factsheet contains basic facts and figures about EVSEs as well as the benefits and considerations for installing EVSEs.

    Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Public Charging Station Hosts

    The handbook covers the types and features of EV Charging Stations, the benefits and costs of EVSE installation, charging station locations and hosts, ownership and payment structures, and installation and maintenance.

    Energy Star: Get Your Building Ready For Electric Vehicles

    This document contains recommendations and additional resources for owners and managers of commercial buildings to prepare their buildings for the installation of EVSE for public or workplace charging.

    Plug-in Electric Vehicle Handbook for Electrical Contractors

    This handbook contains information for electrical contractors commissioned to install and maintain EVSEs, including information on site assessment and selection, regulatory compliance, and safety in residential and non-residential settings.

    Costs Associated With Non-Residential Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

    This document details costs associated with procuring, owning, & operating an EVSE, including the cost of hardware and optional equipment, installation costs, additional capital costs, operations & maintenance costs, & incentives that may offset the costs

    Louisiana Electricity Laws and Incentives

    This is a database of Louisiana’s programs, laws, incentives, and opportunities for funding pertaining to EV infrastructure, including the EVSE Project Funding from the VW Mitigation Fund which funds up to 80% of EVSE installation costs.

    Federal Electricity Laws and Incentives

    This is a database of federal programs, laws, incentives, and opportunities for funding pertaining to EV infrastructure development. The database also contains contact information for relevant federal agencies.

    Preparing To Plug In Your Bus Fleet: 10 Things to Consider

    APTA collaborated with the Edison Electric Institute on this guide, which highlights 10 key things that public transit agencies should know, including when to contact their electric company, how electric rates work, and how to manage costs.

    Workplace Charging Basics

    Workplace Charging: Comparison of Sustainable Commuting Options

    This document compares the Return on Investment of various sustainable transportation options including EVSE installation and subsidies to help employers determine cost-effective sustainable commuting options.

    Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Workplace Charging Hosts

    This handbook contains detailed information for employers to implement a Workplace Charging program. The handbook covers the benefits & best practices of Workplace Charging, evaluating & planning for workplace charging, & EVSE installation.

    Workplace Charging Employee Engagement

    Plug-in Electric Vehicle Outreach Resources for Employees

    This document offers strategies for employers to communicate with employees about PEV-related matters, including the basics of PEV Charging, resources for employees who own or are considering purchasing a PEV, and ways to promote PEV adoption.

    Sample Employee Survey for Workplace Charging Planning

    This sample survey allows the employer to gauge employees’ interest and attitudes towards PEV ownership and usage. The results from the survey will allow the employer to determine whether or not to undertake a Workplace Charging program.

    Workplace Charging Implementation

    Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at the Workplace

    This document offers guidance for making Level 1 outlets available or installing a Level 1 EVSE. Case studies of successful programs to implement Level 1 Workplace Charging and recommended EVSE management policies are included in this guide.

    Request for Proposal Guidance

    For organizations more interested in installing a Level 2 EVSE for their Workplace charging program, this guide offers instructions for drafting a Request for Proposal to potential Level 2 EVSE suppliers.

    Sample Workplace Charging Policy

    This document outlines a sample Use Policy and Guidelines for an employee looking to charge their PEVs in the workplace.

    ADA Requirements for Workplace Charging Installation

    This document offers guidance and best practices for employers considering the implementation of a Workplace Charging program to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Workplace Charging Case Studies

    School Idle Reduction Toolkit

    School Idle Reduction Factsheet

    This factsheet contains basic facts and statistics regarding vehicle idling as well as the reasons and ways to reduce vehicle idling.

    School Idle Reduction PowerPoint

    This PowerPoint contains detailed information about vehicle idling, including facts, figures, and statistics, as well as the reasons and strategies to reduce vehicle idling on school grounds. The PowerPoint is designed to help teachers introduce the conce

    Idling Reduction for Personal Vehicles

    This document summarizes the existing research on the impacts of vehicle idling and offers facts and statistics about vehicle idling and idle reduction strategies.

    Which is Greener: Idling, or Stop and Restart?

    This document debunks the common misconception that stopping and restarting a car engine is just as harmful as letting a car engine idle.

    Long-haul Truck Idling Burns Up Profit

    This document contains information regarding technological solutions for idling by heavy-duty vehicles. While this information may not be applicable for idle reduction at schools, it may be beneficial for teachers and students wishing to learn more about

    How to Conduct Observations, Sample Observation Form, and Analyzing the Data

    These documents allow students to study the effects of vehicle idling on wasteful fuel consumption on school grounds by conducting an experiment that builds on students’ data collection and analysis skills.

    Idling Reduction Savings Calculator

    This calculator offers an alternative method for calculating the costs of vehicle idling.

    Let’s Sock Car Exhaust

    This document provides instructions to carry out a demonstration to show the effects of vehicle idling on local air quality. The demonstration involves attaching clean tube socks to exhaust pipes on different vehicles to compare and contrast the effects o


    This database contains the complete list of laws and regulations governing vehicle idling in Louisiana and across all 50 states.

    Sample Letter to Parents

    This letter can be delivered to parents to raise awareness of the issue of vehicle idling and encourage parents to reduce idling on school grounds.

    Sample Letter to Officials

    This letter can be delivered to local government officials to raise awareness of the issue of vehicle idling on school grounds and encourage officials to pursue policies to reduce vehicle idling within their communities.

    Individual Idling Reduction Pledge

    This pledge can be used to secure commitments from parents, students, teachers, and school administrators to reduce vehicle idling while on school grounds.

    School Idle Reduction Toolkit Additional Resources