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    Click the button below to view a spreadsheet of previously recorded alternative fuels webinars from the Clean Cities Network and stakeholders. These webinars will guide you through important topics that will educate you on a wide variety of areas from EV Charging to Fleet Funding Opportunities and so much more.


    WEBINAR SERIES | Transportation Electrification for Utilities

    Part 1: Multi-Port, 1+MW Charging System for Medium- and Heavy-Duty EVs

    Originally Recorded: September 16, 2020

    Audience: Regulators, utilities, heavy-duty fleets, and truck stops

    Speakers: Ted Bohn (Argonne National Laboratory), David Treichler (Oncor Electric Delivery)

    EV experts from Oncor Electric Delivery LLC and Argonne National Laboratory share insights on recent developments and obstacles on defining required resources for informed planners of medium-duty and heavy-duty electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In-depth technical issues are covered, with emphasis on minimizing charging location footprint of equipment for charging systems from 100kW to 1MW and above installations. Consequences of managed vs unmanaged charging networks are addressed that directly impact capital equipment and operating costs.

    Part 2: Multi-Port, 1+MW Charging System for Medium- and Heavy-Duty EVs

    Originally Recorded: September 23, 2020

    Audience: Regulators, utilities, heavy-duty fleets, and truck stops

    Speakers: Ted Bohn (Argonne National Laboratory), Fernando Garcia (HDR), Dave Schaller (NACFE)

    In this webinar, Trucking and EV experts from NACFE, HDR Inc., and Argonne National Laboratory review the West Coast Clean Transit Corridor Initiative objectives and status. MD/HD electric vehicle charging usage modeling activities are covered along with possible scenarios for upgrading existing truck stops to accommodate widespread EV trucking adoption. Adjacent technology and deployment effects of zero-emission truck requirements such as the CARB Advanced Clean Trucks Rule and CA transport refrigeration unit (TRU) zero-emission programs (shore power) can lead to leveraged investments for EV charging and shore power for overnight parking. The session also looks ahead to near future charging technology developments headed to pilot deployment in the coming year.

    Part 3: Preparing Utilities for EVs

    Originally Recorded: September 30, 2020

    Audience: Large and small electric utilities, regulators and elected officials

    Speakers: Edward O'Brien (LA Dept. of Natural Resources), Scott Barrios (Entergy eTech), Jeffrey Lehman (American Electric Power)

    EV experts from Entergy and AEP share their best practices, lessons learned, and forecast in order to help utilities that are just getting started with developing their own proactive programs for EVs and infrastructure. The most successful electrification programs implemented by utilities have the guidance of a strategic plan, make the customer experience a priority, and incorporate standards and interoperability throughout the system.

    WEBINAR SERIES: Fleet Electrification

    Part 1: EV Market Watch - Work Trucks

    Originally Recorded: September 30, 2020

    Audience: Fleets, business owners, anyone generally interested in what vehicles are available now and coming soon.

    Speakers: Keith Brandis (Volvo Group), Alexander Voets (Daimler Trucks North America), Kurt Neutgens (Orange EV), Michael Coates (Clean Fuel Report)

    Discover all of the options available on the market today and what vehicles are coming soon. The webinar features Michael Coates, the editor of the Clean Fleets Report, facilitating a moderated discussion with Keith Brandis with the Volvo Lights project, Alexander Voets with Daimler Trucks North America, and Kurt Neutgens with Orange EV to discuss existing news about their EV vehicle line ups and pilot programs.

    Part 2: First Steps for Fleets Interested in EVs

    Originally Recorded: October 07, 2020

    Audience: Companies/fleets that are taking the first step to look at if EVs are right for them

    Speakers: Ann Vail (LCF), Mary Till (Sawatch Labs), and Robert Mowat (HDR)

    Watch to learn about the differences between EVs and gaseous fueled vehicles, benefits of EVs, and total cost of ownership. This webinar covers things to consider when making the decision to try EVs, fleet analysis and EV Suitability of your fleet, utilizing data and telematics to inform your EV procurement decisions, along with understanding the new networks and types of partnerships you will need.

    WEBINAR SERIES | Pro Tips for CNG Fleets

    Part 1: CNG Vehicles

    Originally Recorded: August 19, 2020

    Speakers: Ann Vail (LCF), Tyler Herrmann (LCF), John Gonzales (NREL), Dwayne Nelson III (Republic Services), Patrick Campbell (Cummins)

    Learn how to improve efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and stay compliant! Get tips and best practices on how to keep your CNG vehicles running in top shape - straight from experts - in this round-table style webinar.

    Part 2: CNG Stations

    Originally Recorded: October 9, 2020

    Speakers: Tyler Herrmann (LCF), John Gonzales (NREL), Scott Scrima (Clean Energy), Chris Myers (ANGI Energy Systems)

    Learn how to improve efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and stay compliant! Get tips and best practices on how to keep your CNG stations running in top shape - straight from experts - in this round-table style webinar.

    WEBINAR | Get Ready to Charge: Designing and Installing Charging Stations that Support Medium- and Heavy-duty EVs

    Designing and installing charging infrastructure to support your fleet’s short- and long-term vehicle deployments is one of the most critical steps in the transition to electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Working with your utility early on in the electrification process streamlines the installation process and can ensure that both the utility-side and customer-side infrastructure are optimized and compatible with your unique operations, while mitigating costly project delays.

    Watch this webinar recording to gain insight into:

    • Planning for near-term and long-term site upgrades to support EV deployments
    • Common infrastructure design issues to avoid that may result in delays or added costs
    • How two fleets in Southern California Edison’s territory worked with the utility and electrical contractors to successfully install EV charging infrastructure


    WEBINAR | How Switching Fuels Can Grow Your Business

    Driving Sustainability and Profitability with Cleaner Fuels

    May 7, 2020 | 2 PM CST

    As sustainability becomes more important to regulators and your customers, your fuel may be one of the simplest ways to meet their demands — and yours. In this webinar with Renewable Energy Group, learn how biodiesel and a blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel cut emissions while providing the performance fleets need.

    And this will give you and your business these great takeaways:

    • Technical information on drop-in renewable fuels
    • Case studies of fleets running on the fuels
    • Latest updates on regulations and trends driving fleets toward sustainability

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    WEBINAR | Meet the New Fueling Network: How Businesses Are Shifting to Electric Mobility

    Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    Electric mobility has been growing fast, and electric vehicle (EV) charging is all around us. In ChargePoint's latest live webinar, meet the new fueling network that moves all people and goods on electricity and discover how businesses are shifting to electric mobility.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • What’s driving electric vehicle adoption
    • How (and why) businesses are making the shift to electric mobility
    • What you need to succeed with EV charging
    • Plus, discover financial incentives that will help you become part of the fueling network of the future.


    • Colleen Jansen | Chief Marketing Officer | ChargePoint
    • Darbi Park | Marketing Analyst | ChargePoint

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    WEBINAR SERIES | EV Charging Hardware and Software for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fleets

    For any fleet considering a transition to electric, clearly defining its charging requirements and choosing the appropriate EVSE hardware and software to support those specific needs is a critical initial step. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution, making this stage a daunting part of the electrification process.

    Join this two-part webinar series, hosted in collaboration with Pacific Gas & Electric, to learn the key steps every fleet should take to ease the electrification process and ensure the best and most cost-effective charging strategy.

    WEBINAR 1: Choosing the Right EVSE Hardware for Your Fleet

    April 28, 2020

    Hear from two EVSE providers to learn about the variety of options available for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

    Participate in this webinar to gain insight into:

    • Determining your basic energy profile and charging needs
    • Understanding the EVSE hardware options available
    • Choosing the appropriate charging hardware to support your vehicles and duty cycles


    • PG&E EV Specialist
    • Steve Bloch, Western Regional Vice President, Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, ABB
    • Paul Stith, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Black & Veatch

    Watch the webinar recording

    WEBINAR 2: Opportunities to Manage EV Charging Costs

    April 30, 2020

    Hear from two charging infrastructure providers to learn about the software available to optimize and manage charging cycles and costs.

    Participate in this webinar to gain insight into:

    • Planning your charging schedule around peak energy windows
    • Using networking services and cloud-based communications to optimize energy usage
    • Integrating smart charging with your hardware and overall electric strategy


    • PG&E EV Specialist
    • Harmeet Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Greenlots
    • More to be announced

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    WEBINAR SERIES | The Facts on Fuel Cell Electric Trucks

    WEBINAR 1: The Facts on Fuel Cell Electric Trucks – Part 1

    Join ACT News, in partnership with the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) for part one of a two-part complimentary webinar series on the facts surrounding fuel cell electric trucks (FCETs).

    Today, industry-leading logistics companies and delivery fleets including Anheuser-Busch, UPS, and FedEx, as well as regional truck fleets like TTSI, are investing big in zero emission FCETs. What’s driving these companies to adopt hydrogen fuel cell technology? Part one of this webinar series will present the promising, pre-commercial data for FCETs, along with presentations from a heavy-duty truck OEM, and a real world FCET user.

    Participate in this webinar to gain insight into:

    • An overview into CHBC’s new fact sheet on FCETs and background on the current policy landscape
    • The benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology and calculating its total cost of ownership
    • The perspective from a heavy-duty truck OEM
    • A leading fleet’s business case for converting to FCETs

    view the webinar recording

    WEBINAR 2: The Facts on Fuel Cell Electric Trucks – Part 2

    April 21, 2020

    Watch to join ACT News, in partnership with the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) for part two of a two-part complimentary webinar series on the facts surrounding fuel cell electric trucks (FCETs).

    Now that the business case has been established, what have early-adopter fleets actually experienced when deploying fuel cell electric trucks? Where does a fleet begin when implementing hydrogen-powered FCETs and what resources are available for funding this new technology? As with any innovative and emerging technology, funding mechanisms are needed to both accelerate early adoption and reduce costs.

    This webinar will present:

    • The funding opportunities available for fleets interested in adopting FCETs
    • An OEM’s perspective on how funding can incentivize and increase FCET adoption
    • The real world experience of an early end-user with this promising zero emission solution

    view the webinar recording

    WEBINAR | Utilities Gearing Up to Help Fleets Electrify

    Thursday, March 26, 2020 | 12:00 PM CDT

    ICF Experts share key takeaways from new research into medium- and heavy-duty fleet vehicle markets, including what near-term opportunities there are for electric vehicles, and what they’re hearing from utility customers.

    You’ll also hear:

    • Key considerations for utilities, from understanding barriers to engaging key stakeholders and creating programs that help fleet managers through the process.
    • Perspectives from real-world utility programs on how utility customer expectations are evolving.
    • Insights into the implications of various alternative fuel pathways for the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sector.

    If you can’t attend live, register to receive the recorded presentation.

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    WEBINAR SERIES | How Distribution and Delivery Fleets Are Deploying EVs

    Join ACTNews' two-part webinar series, in collaboration with PG&E, to learn how distribution and delivery fleets can save money, eliminate tailpipe emissions, and simplify maintenance with electric vehicles and equipment.

    WEBINAR 1: Which Electric Vehicles & Equipment are Right for Your Fleet?

    Hear from leading OEM’s about the medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles and equipment available for distribution and delivery fleets.

    Participate in this webinar to gain insight into:

    • Which electric vehicles and equipment are suited for distribution and delivery fleets
    • When these vehicles will be available for deployment
    • How maintenance, fuel costs, and other factors contribute to total cost of ownership savings for fleets


    • Will Quinn, Manager, Clean Energy Transportation, Customer Acquisition & Experience, PG&E
    • Eric Foellmer, Director of Marketing, XL Fleet
    • Aaron Gillmore, Vice President, Electric Trucks, BYD
    • Alex Voets, Sales and Marketing Manager, eMobility, Daimler

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    WEBINAR 2: How Two California Fleets Have Successfully Deployed EVs

    Learn from two distribution and delivery fleets that have successfully deployed electric vehicles in California.

    Participate in this webinar to gain insight into:

    • Fleet managers’ perspectives on the real-world benefits they have gained by electrifying their fleet
    • How fleets can leverage PG&E’s expertise and resources to successfully deploy EVs into regular operation
    • Realistic timelines and requirements for site planning, permitting and charger installation


    • Dean Kunesh, Electric Vehicle Onboarding Specialist, PG&E
    • Emily Conway, Fleet Sustainability Manager, PepsiCo North America
    • Scott Phillippi, Senior Director Automotive Maintenance and Engineering International Operations, UPS

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    WEBINAR | An Electric Future and the Messy Middle: What You Need to Know Now

    February 13, 2020
    12 pm CST

    Trucking is at the start of significant changes in powertrains. Fleets face a litany of evolving choices such as improved diesels and natural gas, a seemingly endless array of hybrid technologies including fuel cells, and a variety of electric technologies including battery electric and catenary wire electric. When fuels are branded variously as “green”, “clean”, “near-zero emission”, and “renewable”—with no clear agreement on what these terms mean—how do you begin to decipher what’s best for your fleet?

    Join this webinar to learn:

    • The takeaways and industry challenges from The North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s (NACFE) recently released Guidance Report: Viable Class 7/8 Electric, Hybrid and Alternative Fueled Vehicles.
    • What the report’s primary conclusion—that the future is electric—means for fleets today and what the “messy middle” is in the interim.
    • Lessons from industry leaders that have, and will, be making significant decisions on which of these technologies are best for them.

    Webinar speakers:

    • UPS – Mike McDonald, Director, Sustainability and Government Affairs
    • Schneider – Rob Reich, EVP, Chief Administrative Officer
    • Daimler – Alex Voets, eMobility Product and Sales Strategy Manager
    • NACFE – Mike Roeth, Executive Director


    WEBINAR | 3 Tips for Successful Workplace EV Charging

    ChargePoint hosted a webinar on January 21st offering tips for Workplace Charging. Today, electric vehicle (EV) sales are growing 50% YoY, yet only 10% of EV drivers have access to charging at work. That means big opportunities for businesses seeking to improve engagement and retain top talent.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • Trends and predictions for e-mobility and workplace charging
    • Best practices for offering EV charging at work
    • How to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of your EV charging infrastructure
    • What to consider when evaluating EV charging solutions

    With 12 years of experience, more than 100,000 charging spots and over 60 million charges delivered, ChargePoint can help design a solution that meets the needs of your workplace.


    Tracy Thomas
    Senior Director
    Workplace Solutions
    Reem Bazzari
    Senior Product Marketing Manager

    ABOUT ChargePoint

    ChargePoint brings electric vehicle (EV) charging to more people and places than ever before with the world’s largest and most open EV charging network. We design, build and support all of the technology that powers this network, from charging station hardware to energy management software to a mobile app. Our work transforms transportation and energy use by helping more people choose to drive electric.

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    WEBINAR | Alternative Fuels Tax Credit: What Next?

    Wed, January 15, 2020 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST

    In December, the Alternative Fuels Tax Credit was extended after a 23-month lapse. NGVAmerica hosted a webinar about this three-year extension, what is next for companies hoping to claim the credit and efforts related to the future of the credit. 

    After months of lobbying, educating, and coalition building on Capitol Hill, NGVAmerica secured this important three-year excise tax credit extension for calendar years 2018, 2019, and 2020 in the final legislative hours before Congress left Washington for the holidays last month.

    This webinar was hosted on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. CST. You can view the presentation here:

    View the presentation

    WEBINAR | Multi-port, 1+MW Charging System for Medium- and Heavy-Duty EVs: What We Know and What Is on the Horizon?

    January 7th, 2020

    Join Argonne senior engineer, Ted Bohn, to learn more about the state of the industry for high-power, fast charging for medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles. Ted leads the Industry Engagement working group of the DOE multi-lab “Multi-port 1 + MW Charging System for Medium- and Heavy-duty Electric Vehicles” effort. You will learn the latest on EV charging research and standards for large electrified fleet vehicles; who are the current industry leaders; what are some of the best practices from pilot programs; and what lies ahead for charging technology and standards.

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    WEBINAR | Preparing for the Arrival of Heavy-Duty Battery Electric Trucks

    Don't miss this webinar on heavy-duty battery electric trucks from ACTNews

    As our commercial transportation system moves increasingly towards electrification, fleet managers are left with complex questions beyond just deploying the vehicles themselves. Charging equipment, electricity rate structures, infrastructure upgrades, and new skills and safety requirements are just a few of the considerations fleet managers must now prepare for.

    Watch the recording of this one-hour webinar to hear from project partners involved in Volvo LIGHTS—an innovative project taking heavy-duty, battery electric freight movement from the demonstration phase to a widespread reality.

    Watch this webinar to hear from project stakeholders as they address the key issues around commercial vehicle electrification:

    • Volvo Trucks will provide an update on their Volvo VNR electric truck coming to North America, as well as an overview of the innovative Volvo LIGHTS project.
    • Southern California Edison will discuss key things fleets need to consider when installing charging infrastructure—including understanding timelines, calculating power needs, how to navigate permitting, leveraging available incentives, and more
    • TEC Equipment will share tips on how a dealership can effectively prepare to support the unique sales, service and maintenance needs of electric trucks.
    • Reach Out will share insight into how to identify and engage the right community leaders to help reduce potential barriers to successful project implementation.

    Webinar presenters include:

    Dawn Fenton

    Dawn Fenton
    Director, Sustainability & Public Affairs

    (Volvo Group)

    Andrew Papson

    Andrew Papson
    Advisor, Transportation Electrification

    (Southern California Edison)

    Bill Fisher

    Bill Fisher
    Director of Service


    (Tec Equipment)

    Diana Fox

    Diana Fox
    Executive Director


    (Reach Out)

    Watch the recording now:

    WEBINAR | Shifting Into High Gear with Biodiesel

    LCF Member Renewable Energy Group (REG) hosts a webinar addressing the question of how can biodiesel help fleets reduce emissions and cut costs while keeping performance strong? In this webinar we cover:

    • What differentiates biodiesel from other fuels
    • How biodiesel affects fleet performance
    • How you can potentially save money by using biodiesel
    • How you can get started with biodiesel
    • Case studies of fleets that run on biodiesel blends

    Fill out the form on the REG website to access this webinar:

    Request Access

    WEBINAR | Medium- & Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Charging Roadmap

    ACTNews has created a complimentary webinar presented in partnership with the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE).

    Charging infrastructure has been identified as one of the largest unknowns and sources of anxiety for fleets considering near-term adoption of medium- and heavy-duty battery electric vehicles. And while there is no one-size-fits-all solution to charging, there are key steps every fleet needs to consider to ensure they have a cost-effective charging strategy in place.

    This webinar offers insight into:

    • Key stakeholders to engage when establishing a charging plan
    • Realistic timelines for site planning, permitting and charger installation
    • Appropriate charging station hardware options to support your vehicles and duty cycles
    • How smart load management can make or break the economics of charging
    • Strategies and programs utilities are deploying to support vehicle electrification

    See the webinar below:

    WEBINAR | The Power of Waste: Renewable Natural Gas as a Vehicle Fuel

    Recording from the Energy Vision and Louisiana Clean Fuels hosted Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) webinar on Wednesday, September 23.

    In response to EPA tightening emissions standards for landfills and farmers, LCF and Energy Vision are teaming up to bring together experts from across the country to help farms, wastewater treatment facilities and landfills learn how to harvest their methane emissions and turn it into a valuable resource - renewable natural gas! CNG fleets are also invited to learn about another way to fuel their natural gas vehicles.

    WEBINAR | Propane Financial Common Sense for Schools 

    View this recorded webinar to learn why propane autogas buses are the best choice for school transportation — lower total cost-of-ownership compared with diesel buses, scalable and affordable infrastructure options for convenient on-site refueling, and buses from all four major OEMs.


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