Louisiana Clean Fuels is a US Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalition supported by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and member organizations. We are a non-profit organization serving fleets for 20 years.

    The mission of Louisiana Clean Fuels is to advance the nation’s environmental, economic, and energy security by supporting local actions to diversify transportation fuel options. Our goal is to show how advanced technologies and alternative fuels can help meet business and environmental goals. By providing objective data, technical resources, and the right connections, we help fleets find reliable alternative fuel vehicles that will stabilize or lower fuel costs. 


    Waste to Fuel: On the Making of Renewable Natural Gas

    Though the majority of natural gas used in Louisiana comes from fossil-sources, a small percentage is renewable natural gas, which is chemically identical to natural gas from fossil-sources but comes instead from renewable sources such as food waste.
    03/26/2020 | Victoria | 0

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    Transportation Energy Data Book 38 Now Available

    The Transportation Energy Data Book (TEDB): Edition 38 is now available. The TEDB is a statistical compendium of data on the transportation sector with an emphasis on energy use.
    03/09/2020 | Victoria | 0

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