EVSE Toolkit

    This EVSE Toolkit is designed to provide information to organizations and government entities looking into installing plug-in electric vehicle charging. Click below to open or download the toolkit documents.

    EVSE Toolkit

    EVSE Toolkit Fact Sheet

    The EVSE Toolkit Factsheet contains basic facts and figures about EVSEs as well as the benefits and considerations for installing EVSEs.

    Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Public Charging Station Hosts

    The handbook covers the types and features of EV Charging Stations, the benefits and costs of EVSE installation, charging station locations and hosts, ownership and payment structures, and installation and maintenance.

    Energy Star: Get Your Building Ready For Electric Vehicles

    This document contains recommendations and additional resources for owners and managers of commercial buildings to prepare their buildings for the installation of EVSE for public or workplace charging.

    Plug-in Electric Vehicle Handbook for Electrical Contractors

    This handbook contains information for electrical contractors commissioned to install and maintain EVSEs, including information on site assessment and selection, regulatory compliance, and safety in residential and non-residential settings.

    Costs Associated With Non-Residential Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

    This document details costs associated with procuring, owning, & operating an EVSE, including the cost of hardware and optional equipment, installation costs, additional capital costs, operations & maintenance costs, & incentives that may offset the costs

    Louisiana Electricity Laws and Incentives

    This is a database of Louisiana’s programs, laws, incentives, and opportunities for funding pertaining to EV infrastructure, including the EVSE Project Funding from the VW Mitigation Fund which funds up to 80% of EVSE installation costs.

    Federal Electricity Laws and Incentives

    This is a database of federal programs, laws, incentives, and opportunities for funding pertaining to EV infrastructure development. The database also contains contact information for relevant federal agencies.

    Preparing To Plug In Your Bus Fleet: 10 Things to Consider

    APTA collaborated with the Edison Electric Institute on this guide, which highlights 10 key things that public transit agencies should know, including when to contact their electric company, how electric rates work, and how to manage costs.