Workplace Charging Toolkit

    This Workplace ChargingToolkit contains documents that will be helpful for understanding the basics of workplace charging, employee engagement, implementation, and case studies of successful efforts to enact workplace charging. Click below to open or download the toolkit documents.


    Workplace Charging Basics

    Workplace Charging: Comparison of Sustainable Commuting Options

    This document compares the Return on Investment of various sustainable transportation options including EVSE installation and subsidies to help employers determine cost-effective sustainable commuting options.

    Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Workplace Charging Hosts

    This handbook contains detailed information for employers to implement a Workplace Charging program. The handbook covers the benefits & best practices of Workplace Charging, evaluating & planning for workplace charging, & EVSE installation.

    Workplace Charging Employee Engagement

    Plug-in Electric Vehicle Outreach Resources for Employees

    This document offers strategies for employers to communicate with employees about PEV-related matters, including the basics of PEV Charging, resources for employees who own or are considering purchasing a PEV, and ways to promote PEV adoption.

    Sample Employee Survey for Workplace Charging Planning

    This sample survey allows the employer to gauge employees’ interest and attitudes towards PEV ownership and usage. The results from the survey will allow the employer to determine whether or not to undertake a Workplace Charging program.

    Workplace Charging Implementation

    Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at the Workplace

    This document offers guidance for making Level 1 outlets available or installing a Level 1 EVSE. Case studies of successful programs to implement Level 1 Workplace Charging and recommended EVSE management policies are included in this guide.

    Request for Proposal Guidance

    For organizations more interested in installing a Level 2 EVSE for their Workplace charging program, this guide offers instructions for drafting a Request for Proposal to potential Level 2 EVSE suppliers.

    Sample Workplace Charging Policy

    This document outlines a sample Use Policy and Guidelines for an employee looking to charge their PEVs in the workplace.

    ADA Requirements for Workplace Charging Installation

    This document offers guidance and best practices for employers considering the implementation of a Workplace Charging program to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.