Clean Cities Coordinator

    Ann Vail
    Executive Director & Clean Cities Coordinator

    As Executive Director of Louisiana Clean Fuels, Ann Vail is responsible for strategic planning, stakeholder services, education and outreach, as well as infrastructure planning and development programs. In 2018, Ann was inducted into the Clean Cities Hall of Fame for her “exemplary dedication and leadership” and for “paving the way for a new transportation future.'' In her time as coordinator, Vail has expertly guided Louisiana Clean Fuels' stakeholder base through dramatic growth and increased their alternative fuel use from mere thousands in 2012 to upwards of 9 million gallons per year. 

    Before joining LCF in 2012, Ann served as a marketing professional for over 10 years across a variety of industries including oil and gas exploration, health-care software, and solar installation, and she and brings many years of event planning, outreach, communications and community organizing experience to LCF. An also serves on the Baton Rouge Clean Air Coalition and is Vice Chair of Keep Louisiana Beautiful.

    A graduate of LSU, Ann is available to assist coalition stakeholders with project development, technical workshops as well as locating funding opportunities and supporting funding proposals. Contact Ann at [email protected].




    LCF Support Staff 

    Tyler Herrmann

    Tyler Herrmann is the Co-Coordinator for Louisiana Clean Fuels. Tyler graduated from LSU in 2017 with a BS in Physics with a concentration in Astronomy. He started working for LCF in 2017 as the Project Assistant and was quickly promoted to Project Coordinator, then Co-Coordinator. He is responsible for the Louisiana Clean Fuels Green Fleets Certification Program, emission reduction analysis, Landfill Gas to Compressed Natural Gas Curriculum development, and other various projects and programs. Contact Tyler at [email protected].


    Stephanie Keen-Rolling
    Member Services & Events

    Stephanie Keen-Rolling is the LCF Member Services Coordinator and Event Planner and has been with LCF since 2015. For events, Stephanie is in charge of booking the venues and catering for our stakeholder meetings, organizing our 20th Anniversary Golf Summit and National Drive Electric Events as well as managing our volunteers and vehicle displays. In her role as Member Services Coordinator, she manages the LCF Annual Dues Drive and assists the Coordinator with recruiting new members, sponsors and exhibitors. To learn more about the benefits of being an LCF member, contact Stephanie at [email protected].


    Victoria Herrmann
    Communications Coordinator

    Victoria is a former teacher with a BA in English and an MA in teaching from LSU. She is responsible for social media, PR, website design and maintenance along with the LCF blog and newsletter. As the organized one in the bunch, she is also our "de facto" office manager, keeping fellow LCF contractors on top of reporting and keeping our records in order. Victoria also assists with outreach and other communications and marketing responsibilities. Contact Victoria at [email protected].