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    Letter from the Executive Director

    Dear Clean Fuel Stakeholders, Members and Enthusiasts:

    On March 21st, we are hosting our Annual Stakeholder Meeting at the BRCC Automotive Technology Center in Baton Rouge. You won't want to miss this important event. This year, the theme is "Readiness and planning for an electrified future." Potential buyers of electric vehicles (EVs) have more options than ever before. Range is improving, battery costs are coming down, and sales are up all over the globe. But what does that mean for Louisiana? Where do we stand in this massive global market shift? We will delve into these issues at the Annual Meeting in a segment called, "The Electric Vehicle REVolution". Register now to reserve your seat.

    Does this mean that the other alternative fuels are on their way out? Certainly not. Natural Gas, Propane, Biofuels, and other renewable and low emission fuels and systems will all remain an important and vital part of the mix. Having a diverse portfolio of fueling options makes our communities both stronger and more resilient.

    So, how does LCF plan to support our diverse fueling portfolio in 2019 and the years to come? What are the federal government's priorities in 2019? How are we positioning our coalition for future success? Get the answers to these questions and more at the Annual Meeting. Seating is limited, so make sure you register to ensure your place at the table with us.

    But wait, there's more! Join LCF or renew your membership by Friday, March 15th to be honored at our Member Recognition Luncheon at the Annual Meeting.

    LAST  CALL:  Don't forget to submit your fleet survey responses! We MUST turn in all of our data to the Department of Energy by EOB on Friday. Check out our blog to learn more.


    Ann Vail
    Executive Director


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    Clean Cities Annual Report Data - Last Call!

    You still have a chance to have your petroleum-reducing data counted in our Annual Report! If you have used alternative fuels, operate an alternative fuels station, or who have worked toward the implementation of fuel-saving measures throughout the year, we need your help to compile data on how our stakeholders used alternative fuels and reduced emissions in 2018.

    The data we collect is used as a benchmark to gain an accurate picture of alternative fuel and vehicle usage in Louisiana, which will help both LCF and the Department of Energy understand the alternative fuels market. Collected data for the Annual Report will also be used in considering recipients for the 2019 Annual Clean Fuel Leader Awards.

    To begin the survey, you can find the Annual Report survey here or you can fill in the attached spreadsheet and send it to Tyler Herrmann. If you have questions about the Annual Report or the survey, please contact Tyler Herrmann at

    ACT Expo - Register now!

    There's still time to register for the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo! The Advanced Clean Transportation Expo -- or ACT Expo -- focuses on the latest trends in the alternative fuels vehicles and technologies industry. It is held at the Long Beach Convention Center from April 22-26, 2019.

    Louisiana Clean Fuels stakeholders can use the code CCMEMBER to receive $50 off registration (valid through 4/19/19).

    For information on the ACT Expo, visit the official conference page at

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    Clean Cities 25th Anniversary

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    Welcome New Members

    LCF would like to thank our new and renewing members for 2019!


    Please note that our Members page and newsletter will be updated at the end of this month to reflect our new 2019 membership. If you haven't renewed your membership, now is the time! Email for more information or to renew your membership.

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    Member Spotlight

    SporTran's Electric and CNG Bus Fleet


    Fleet Name: SporTran

    Vehicles: 5 Proterra Electric Buses and 36 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Buses

    Domicile Site: Shreveport, Louisiana

    Fleet Purpose: Fixed route paratransit service

    Alternative Fuel or Technology: Electric and CNG

    When Started: SporTran has been operating a transit service since the 1870s and began switching to alternative fuel vehicles in 2010, replacing their last diesel bus in 2017 with the purchase of 5 Proterra buses.

    Leadership: SporTran’s President and CEO, Dinero Washington, has been an incredible leader with SporTran but also as President of Louisiana’s Public Transportation Association.

    Vision: SporTran’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation for Shreveport and Bossier, Louisiana. An integral part of this mission is their switch to alternative fuels in their fleet, which has resulted in less vehicle downtime, fuel and maintenance cost saves, and cleaner air for the citizens that SporTran serves. SporTran was the first fleet in Louisiana to operate a 100% alternative fuel fleet, and the first transportation fleet in the state to operate electric buses. The purchase of their 5 Proterra buses is projected to save the fleet $2.2 million in fuel and maintenance costs over their 12-year lifetime, and SporTran expects to purchase more Proterra buses as they replace older vehicles. In 2017 alone, SporTran’s dedication to alternative fuel vehicles has offset the production of over 500,000 gasoline-gallon equivalents of petroleum and over 1,500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Left to right: Dinero Washington, President and CEO of SporTran; Ann Vail, Executive Director of Louisiana Clean Fuels; Dale Hill, Founder of Proterra

    Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards talking at the 2017 ribbon cutting for SporTran’s five new Proterra buses.

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    Calendar of Events

    March 19 Natural Gas Safety Class @JESTC Zachary, LA
    March 20 Propane Safety Class @JESTC Zachary, LA
    March 21 LCF Annual Stakeholder Meeting Baton Rouge, LA
    April 23-26 ACT Expo 2019 Longbeach, CA
    May 21-23 Green Transportation Summit & Expo Tacoma, WA

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    Funding Opportunities

    VW Settlement projects application is open!

    The 2019 period for applications for VW Mitigation Trust Settlement projects is open! Apply now!

    Deadline to apply: April 12, 2019

    Louisiana's Mitigation Plan

    The plan gives first consideration "to replacement or repowering of school buses owned or used by Louisiana school districts with newer, cleaner vehicles, and/or new cleaner burning engines." These funds will not be used for fleet expansion. The goal is to get older, polluting vehicles off the road and to replace them with new, cleaner options. The amount of funding that the state is proposing for school bus replacements are as follows:

    • 25% matching funds will be given for the replacement or repowering of eligible buses with newer cleaner-burning diesel.
    • 50% matching funds will be given for the replacement of eligible buses with eligible alternate fuels powered buses, including Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), propane, etc.

    Funding for EVSE

    The plan also includes language which allows the state to utilize "up to 15% of its allocation of Mitigation Trust funds on the costs necessary for, and directly connected to, the acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance of new, light duty, zero emission vehicle supply equipment for projects..." Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is the only type of fueling infrastructure allowed under the VW Settlement. In this current RFP, the state is also requesting proposals for EVSE. However, the match to be provided has not yet been determined. We urge you to send in a proposal with your desired match percentage indicated in your project plan. You will be free to accept to reject any offer once the amount has been determined.

    If you would like assistance with your proposals to the state, please email Ann Vail at Louisiana Clean Fuels

    To view the plan and for more information, visit the LDEQ's Volkswagen page. For more information or to comment on the state's plan, please email


    2019 Louisiana Revolving Loan Fund Program Solicitations Open

    The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources has announced that solicitations are open for the 2019 Louisiana Revolving Loan Fund Program.

    Public entities may utilize low-interest financing, originally provided by the US Department of Energy, for implementing qualified energy efficient upgrades and improvements, and the term of the loan may be for up to 10 years at 2% interest.

    The deadline for applications is April 30, 2019. For more information, access the LDNR website.


    DERA Funding: Application Deadline Extended to March 26th

    Clean Diesel National Grant

    Application packages must be submitted electronically to EPA through ( no later than Wednesday, March 26, 2019, at 11:59  p.m. (ET) to be considered for funding.

    EPA anticipates awarding approximately $40 million in competitive grant funding for the Diesel Emissions Reductions Act (DERA) Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program. The Program is soliciting applications nationwide for projects that achieve significant reductions in diesel emissions in terms of tons of pollution produced and exposure, particularly from fleets operating in areas designated by the Administrator as poor air quality areas.

    Eligible Applicants

    The following U.S. entities are eligible to apply for Clean Diesel National Grants:

    • Regional, state, local or tribal agencies/consortia or port authorities with jurisdiction over transportation or air quality
    • Nonprofit organizations or institutions that represent or provide pollution reduction or educational services to persons or organizations that own or operate diesel fleets or have the promotion of transportation or air quality as their principal purpose.

    School districts, municipalities, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), cities and counties are all eligible entities to the extent that they fall within the definition above.

    Please refer to the full RFA for specific information about this competition.

    Need assistance with your applications? We can help! Email Ann at 

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    Clean Fuels Conference & Workshops

    Louisiana Clean Fuels Annual Stakeholder Meeting

    Thursday, March 21, 2019 | BRCC's Automotive Technology Center

    Join us once again at the fantastic BRCC Automotive Technology Center in Baton Rouge for our Annual Stakeholder Meeting. This year, we will share updates on the latest trends and sales numbers for EVs as well as how your state is working to prepare for and electrified future.

    This meeting is also about involving all of our stakeholders in the programming goals and activities of the Coalition. Find out how you can join a committee and learn more about how you and your organization can help to move LCF forward. There are so many new exciting programs and initiatives across the Clean Cities Coalition network this year - and we invite you to come and learn about them all!


    Natural Gas & Propane Safety Training 

    Register Online with the Baton Rouge Area Mutual Aid System (BRAMAS)

    Location: Louisiana State Police's Joint Emergency Services Training Center (JESTC)

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    About LCF

    Louisiana Clean Fuels is a US Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalition, supported by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and member organizations. We are a non-profit organization serving fleets for over 17 years.

    The mission of Louisiana Clean Fuels, Inc. is to advance the nation’s environmental, economic, and energy security by supporting local actions to diversify transportation fuel options. Our goal is to show how advanced technologies and alternative fuels can help meet business and environmental goals. By providing objective data, technical resources, and the right connections, we help fleets find reliable alternative fuel vehicles that will stabilize or lower fuel costs.  |

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