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Natural Gas

Natural Gas... Domestically Produced, Economic Stability!

Natural Gas is a domestically produced alternative fuel and is readily available to end users through the utility inftrastructure.  In North America, natural gas provides an alternative to coal for generating electricity, and is clean burning, generating less CO2 emissions than other sources of fuel.  Natural gas, currently, is also being used to heat up to 51% of American homes.  Its other uses include: cooling homes, providing fuel for cooking, and many municipalities are deloying fleets powered by natural gas.  Natural gas powered trucks, cars, and buses are more frequently being used making the fuel widely used. 

Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG, is produced by compressing natural gas to 1%o fits volume at standard atmospheric pressure.  CNG generally costs 20% - 60% less than traditional petroleum fuels, and a number of CNG fueled vehicles are already available on the market for purchase.  There are also several EPA-certified conversion kits.

Liguified Natural Gas, or LNG, is produced by purifying and cooling natural gas.  This process allows higher energy densities at equivalent volumes; which makes it easier to transport and store.  LNG is odorless, non-toxis, non-corrosive, and less dense than water.  LNG can be used for a variety of different purposes such as: heating and cooling homes, cooking, generating electricity, etc.  LNG is also widely being used to fuel heavy-duty vehicles. 

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