VW Settlement

    The 2019 period for applications for VW Mitigation Trust Settlement projects is open! Apply now!


    DEADLINE: APRIL 12, 2019


    Tomorrow is the last day to get your applications in to request VW funding for 2019. The application form takes about 5 minutes to complete and is the equivalent of raising your hand and saying, "I'm interested, and here is my project idea." We strongly urge all eligible recipients to apply.

    Once you submit your funding request form, the state will reach out to you for more information on your proposed project if needed. This is the easiest, low pressure VW funding request in the country!


    The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) was designated the lead agency (beneficiary) by the Office of Gov. John Bel Edwards. Three Louisiana state agencies were designated to receive equal shares of the fund: LDEQ, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR) and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LDOTD). These agencies were tasked to allocate the VW Mitigation Trust funds.


    The agencies, with public input, have pooled their funds to target replacement of eligible diesel school buses. The bus replacement program will offer partial funding primarily to school districts to replace their buses with electric, alternative fuel, or high-efficiency diesel vehicles. LDOTD is proposing to use its share of the funds to replace eligible diesel vehicles and heavy equipment with new, less polluting engines. Other projects allowable under the mitigation plan will also be considered. See Appendix D-2(https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2017-10/documents/statebeneficiaries.pdf)  for a complete list of project types allowed under the Volkswagen Settlement (beginning on page 53 of the document).

    The state's plan gives first consideration "to replacement or repowering of school buses owned or used by Louisiana school districts with newer, cleaner vehicles, and/or new cleaner burning engines." These funds will not be used for fleet expansion. The goal is to get older, polluting vehicles off the road and to replace them with new, cleaner options. The amount of funding that the state is proposing for school bus replacements are as follows:

    1. 25% matching funds will be given for the replacement or repowering of eligible buses with newer cleaner-burning diesel.
    2. 50% matching funds will be given for the replacement of eligible buses with eligible alternate fuels powered buses, including CNG, propane, or Electric.


    School Districts wishing to take advantage of this funding should bookmark the state's VW webpage and watch for any requests for proposal (RFP) by the state. Louisiana Clean Fuels is working closely with the LDEQ on outreach for the state's bus replacement program. If your school district would like to learn more about the different fueling options available under the plan or would like assistance with their proposals to the state, please email Ann Vail at Louisiana Clean Fuels at ann@louisianacleanfuels.org.


    The state's plan also includes language which allows the state to utilize "up to 15% of its allocation of Mitigation Trust funds on the costs necessary for, and directly connected to, the acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance of new, light duty, zero emission vehicle supply equipment for projects..." Louisiana has approximately $2.8 million in their fund for EVSE projects. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is the only type of fueling infrastructure allowed under the VW Settlement.

    Under National VW Settlement Guidelines, level 2 and DC Fast Chargers can be funded at the following levels:

    • Up to 100% of the cost to purchase, install and maintain eligible light duty electric vehicle supply equipment that will be available to the public at a Government Owned Property.
    • Up to 80% of the cost to purchase, install and maintain eligible light duty electric vehicle supply equipment that will be available to the public at a Non-Government Owned Property.
    • Up to 60% of the cost to purchase, install and maintain eligible light duty electric vehicle supply equipment that is available at a workplace but not to the general public.

    The lead agency has put a priority on Public EVSE infrastructure applications from state agencies and other government entities. Proposals from private entities will also be considered. Application guidance has been issued by the LDEQ and can be found on their website. If you would like assistance with preparing your proposal, please email Ann Vail with Louisiana Clean Fuels ann@louisianacleanfuels.orgTo view the state's plan and for more information, visit the LDEQ's Volkswagen page. For more information or to comment on the state's plan, please email vwsettlement@la.gov.




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    Source: LDEQ)