Commuter Krewe

    The Commuter Krewe program provides Capital Region businesses and commuters information, options and incentives to help reduce congestion on our roads by reducing the number of vehicles with only one occupant. Learn more about the benefits to participating worksites and commuters when you join The Commuter Krewe that’s right for you!

    Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC) is working with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) to reduce vehicular congestion and vehicle emissions through a reduction in the number of Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) commuter trips in and around the Baton Rouge area.

    Commuter Krewe offers several different commuter programs:

    • Carpool Krewe
    • Bike Krewe
    • Transit Krewe
    • Walking Krewe
    • Vanpool Krewe
    • Telecommute Krewe

    Commuter Krewe also offers a program for employers looking to offer travel alternatives to employees.

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